Brown Spots on Young Plants

Good Afternoon, everyone. I recently transplanted my young white widow autoflowers to a larger fabric pot. Today, when checking on things I noticed a few brown spots on the route edges of two of the leaves and one little spot on another. I was just looking for some idea on what it may be and what I could do to help fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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I see water drops on your leaves so I’m going to guess that those spots are burns from water droplets, which tend to act as a magnifying glass between your light and your leaf surface.


Thank you so much! I have the plants in a small greenhouse outside so I was curious if maybe the heat got a little too much for them. I have 3 other plants but this is the only one that has this issue. Thank you, again :sunglasses:

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I’m going to guess …not…water spot burning thing.
If it was from water on leaves you would see it all over the place.
Could have been from the lack of something or an off PH of the smaller pot you had them in.
With the fresh soil I’m sure they will recover just fine. The marks on the leaves won’t “repair” but should not worsen. If it does let us know.
And when you do please detail your set up etc and your processes.

Good luck

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Thank you so much for your reply. I will certainly keep and eye on things and post some updates as well as the set up and process. I have a few other strains growing as well and I will post a few pics of them as well. Thank you!