Brown spots on the leaves

I have a problem with what looks like either low or high pH situations. There are what appears to be small dead spots on the bottom leaves of 4 week old California Dream which has a very wide leaf but there is no signs burning on the edges of the leaves. Is my pH meter telling me lies because I like to stay right around or below 6.0 or do I possibly have a disease problem I wish I had a picture. Right now it is not a big problem just a few bottom Leafs on for plants they are very vigorous and growing very well but I do not want this problem to turn into a disaster. Am I paranoid or should I just let them grow any help is greatly appreciate it thank you.

O.k. when have you calibrate and check your ph meter?
Get reference solution to calibrate and check it then wait a hour or so and check it with the reference solution to see if your meter is bad or not
Also what is your grow medium are you hydro or coco?

I’m running a hydroponic system that I invented myself where you have a reservoir and pump your nutrients to a distribution block that equally feeds each of four buckets that has a drain at the bottom with a main valve to keep a six inch level
in the buckets and for safety measures a 3/4 inch overflow at the top are the bucket encase one of my clay Pebbles gets down through the plastic webbing that holds the plant and Clay Pebbles so there’s no chance of overflowing. It is constantly aerated and
each bucket and in the reservoir also. Lots of oxygenated water and nutrients. I’m sure other people have systems similar or like this but I have an even better system that I’m drawing the blueprints up on at night when I have time but it really works well
everything stays agitated and you do not have any hot spots are cold spots all inside a 4 by 4 by 8. My grow medium besides the clay Pebbles is just them little sponges that you put your germinated seed in and then scratch a how big enough to put down in the
clay Pebbles level. I hope this gives you the information that you need it to help me thank you very much

O.k. nice work on the system
What is the ph of the water?

3/4 an inch from bet pots to water solution? Think that should be 2 inchs. Sorry im not much help. Not a hydroer. Thc is the man tho. And @Grandaddy013 and @peachfuzz are my natural go to gurus.

From the top of my head brown spots sounds like calmag but id rather a photo to diagnose. And before u dump more calmag at the prob, id calibrate that ph pen. Or atleast test it against independent variables u have an idea of the ph

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He said he had a 3/4" overflow.
Like @PurpNGold74 said, need pictures in regular light

Leaning towards plants being hungry or a cal-mag issue…
Ph could also be a major factor…
And plants cant eat when the ph is out of wack…

Just put them on cal-mag Sunday trimmed all the lower leaves off that were affected and no new occurrence of the brown spots as of yet thank you for your help and three quarter inch drain works fine peace out

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Yeah The Roots can’t take up nutrients just put it on a call mag and things are looking better thank you very much for your help I appreciate it.

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Solid. Best of luck n happy growing bro