Brown spots on some leaves, red on otherss

On my first grow here in Virginia. Things went fine for first couple weeks. I then noticed yellowing leaves at the center of the plants and thought the plant may cannibalizing those leaves for nitrogen, so i fed 25% strength Big Bloom and Grow Big. The next watering i added 2 tbs of blackstrap molasses. The next watering i did 50% strength of the the trio since all plants in pre-flower. I now have leaves with issues.

-What strain: ILGM autoflower gorilla glue, Bruce banner, Girl Scout cookie, gold leaf
-Age of plant/what week of flower: Day 31 for all 4 from sprouting
-Method: Happy Frog + 10% to 15% perlite
-Vessels: 3 gallon fabric pots
-PH and TDS of Water, Solution, runoff: pH tap water to 6.5 to 6.7
-PPM/TDS: did a PPM test and all were low. 400 to 550 tds
-Method used to measure PH and TDS: vivosun digital meters
-Indoor or Outdoor if indoor: indoor 4 x 4 x 6 tent
-Light system: (2) King LED 2000 watt lights for 4000 watts
-Actual wattage draw of lights: 300 each for 600 watts
-Current Light Schedule: 18/6
-Temps; Day, Night: 67 to 86…easier to control during the day. Gets hot in the early morning
-Humidity; Day, Night: 50%. Started at 60% but dialing down every 2 weeks
-Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: yes, AC infinity intake and exhaust…but leave tent open a lot
-AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: humidifier
-Co2; Yes, No: Exhale bag, i realize now it is a waste

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What has your feed schedule been? What nutes are you using?

I fed for the first time last Saturday 25% Big Bloom and Grow Big. I then fed on Thursday 50% Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom. I wasn’t expecting to have to feed them yet since i am in Happy Frog. Today is day 31 from sprout.

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It looks to me like hungry, needs CalMag. What is your watering schedule? I’m certainly no diagnostics pro.

@MidwestGuy @Covertgrower

I agree. I would increase feeding.

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What he said. PPM should be higher.

The plants look a little droopy. What are your watering practices (how much and how often)?

Did you PH water after adding FF nutes before giving to your girls? It will crash PH.

Thank you for your responses!!! The system locked me out of responding for 22 hours.

I was not pH checking my feeding water! Ugh! Thankfully i had only fed twice to this point.

It took 50 drops of pH Up to get the feeding water to 6.5 and that was using dechlorinated tap water with a pH of 7.3. I had used my 6.5 pH water for the first two feedings. My pmms were 1200 after feeding yesterday. Run-off pH was 5.7. Lots of growth last night. But also new damaged leaves this morning. I’ll pH water to 6.8 for the next watering tomorrow and I’ll hope the pH buffer in the Happy Frog soil is mitigating most of the damage from this mistake. The gorilla glue and Bruce banner don’t seem bothered at all and have no damaged leaves. The Girl Scout cookies and gold leaf are where the damaged leaves keep popping up.

Thanks again!!!

If you are planning on growing after this first run. I recommend a gallon of ph up. Ph down smaller size is ok. After 9 plants harvested, I only used this much ph down.

But ph up, I used and entire pint plus this:

Over the same amount of plants I have used 1/2 qt of Grow Big and Tiger Bloom, but an entire quart of big bloom. I bought a gallon of Big Bloom On Amazon for 55 bucks.
Good luck and happy growing.

I am coming to realize the supply list is longer than i thought. Thanks for the advice. I have been thinking about the 2nd grow from day 1 of the first grow.

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It is. Quick tip- don’t get the cheapest one when it comes to probes. Ppm and ph meters get used everytime you pour a liquid in and the cheap ones are unreliable at best, not even good as a paper weight at worst.

I second this. I started with a cheap TDS/EC meter and a BlueLab PH pen - I found myself wholly confident in my PH but double and triple checking my PPMs with the cheap meter and every time the reading was different - often only by 10 or 20 ppm on a 500 scale, but that was enough to be troublesome. Picked up a BlueLab TDS/EC meter and feel much better even though the readings are close to the cheap one for now (it’s only 2 weeks old so the cheap will likely become inaccurate in about 2 more)

I got a gal of PH Down and have an 8oz bottle of PH Up but that’s probably a medium difference - my water is at an 8 naturally and needs to be 5.8 for hydro. Fox Farm nutes are strong but not that strong.

As far as general leaf diagnosis once you know where your metrics are at:

It’s not fabulous quality but you can find this same picture and many others floating around the forum for visual aid.

This video will help if the pic isn’t clear for you.

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The video was good! Thank you!

The Girl Scout cookie auto has not turned around. The gorilla glue and Bruce banner have zero issues. The gold leaf entered pre-flower and then froze. So i am getting my drying tent earlier than i planned and will put the gold leaf in it for a 12 hour nap.

Pics of the gorilla glue auto and Girl Scout cookie for comparison.

Ppm is 1050 and pH on runoff was 6.0 for GSC.![image|375x500]

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