Brown spots on my plants

So, I just recently opened a topic about my plants being overwatered and I got the advice to just let them dry out and I did. I checked them to see if they perked up any and I noticed a few brown spots starting to form. I’m sure this is bad and I feel like I tried to take on too much at one time by planting 3 plants. What should I do?

Also, am I making too many post? I make a new one for each topic. Should I just comment on my old post?

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You should start a journal and continue to post to it.

Yup try to keep them all together if possible. Helps when you have to find an old problem. And keeps the site cleaner.

The spots I wouldnt worry about. If they keep forming, add calmag.

Can we see a photo of the entire plant and in regular lighting?

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