Brown spots on my plants and leaves curling!Help me please!

So I have this plant along with 5 others outside. It has been very hot and humid and I’m growing these girls outdoors. The leaves are curling and they have brown spots that develop a white center. The strain on the sick girl is Purple Haze and they are supposed to be good in hot weather. Can anyone give me some tips to fix this fast!?!?!? I cant Neem them cuz they are flowering

This is a pic of 1 of the leaves

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This is a healthy leaf and plant with spots starting to show up on it

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Honestly? No friggin idea… is that a… ‘bleached spot’? Or does it wet wipe off? And how u been feeding her?

Organic feeding. I think it’s a fungus. It’s been hot and humid with some heavy rain showers. I cant Neem them because they are all in flower but I think I may flush with peroxide and water and then let it dry out. After that I’m going to give em a balanced and he’d feeding and see what happens. It’s more than likely an environment issue due to heat and humidity. I just dont want it spreading and screwing up the harvest

They start as brown spots then develop a white center. The leaves have turned a lighter green and they are curling down

Yea thats freaky…

So helpful! LOL

Freaky indeed. Some more informations will help. Why don’t we fill out a support ticket?
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To me it looks like unhappy roots, pH maybe. With more info about your setup, we can narrow it down better.



I agree. Kinda looks like soil pH issues or a hot pot possibly;)

Check the undersides of the leaves for parasites, use a jeweler’s loupe.

For mold or fungi, use bleach or H202 (deluded) in a garden sprayer and saturate the plant, especially the undersides of the leaves.

Time is of the essence.


No pests that I see. I do think it is root related or ph. I tested my ph meter and found that it’s off and fluctuates. Any ideas on a quality ph meter that lasts? I’m going to check drainage holes again and flush them. I will let you guys know. It’s been really hot and humid as well so I was suspecting a fungus of some sort and still haven’t ruled that out. They are growing outdoors


I got the one above. A good year. Spent the summer outside in 100 degree weather unused. Still ticking. Have calibrated a few times but its never off more then .1. SOLID buy


@G.A.C.Farmer, I use a chemical pH test, “Bromothymol blue” and a color chart.

For ppm I use a meter, I check and calibrate it regularly with factory ppm test solution.

Doesn’t work though when ph ing feedings

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Hi G.A.C. Farmer…I have the same issue. I am growing outdoors in western NC where it has been hot and humid all summer. My conclusion is leaf septoria. It’s a fungus that attacks cannabis plants in flower. Do some research…I think this is what may be affecting your plants, too.
In part: "Sometimes called “yellow leaf spot” or “leaf septoria,” this condition is caused by a fungus (or sometimes a bacteria) that attacks cannabis plants and usually appears in warm, wet weather. The symptoms first appear on the bottom leaves of the plant.

The spots may have darkened borders and may have a hard growth in the middle like a little pimple, but the thing that makes the spots the most unique is they are often very uniform, like little circles. Each spot is the receptacle of a spore (ewwww) which look like tiny dark specks in the center of each spot."


Yes I have already researched leaf septoria and I’m treating it as though that is what’s going on. I sprayed the purple haze plant yesterday and also flushed the plant real good with 3% HP and water. Letting it dry out a bit. Drilled extra holes in bottom of container as well. I suspect that I have a combination of the leaf septoria and some root rot due to poor drainage.

Time will tell. I will update you guys in a few days! Thanks to all for your input!

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Be sure to let us know how the battles rages. Best of luck :+1:t5: