Brown spots on my baby autos!

Hello I am in need of help fast! I am on day 11 and 1 out of my 3 babies is getting brown rust spots from the veins and moving outwards I am using distilled water with 0 added nutes and a 300w led grow light
Ph run off around 6.4
Temp 70+
Fox farm ocean forest
Breeder Mephisto genetics
Strain hubbabubbasmelloscope bubba x white widow

Really need pics in white light. The Blurple doesn’t cut it.

I can’t keep the ff soils straight. Is OF the one with fertilizer? It might just be over nuted.

Don’t panic yet. I had one lately that got a few spots like that on a couple of leaves and that was the end of it. I’m blaming some kind of transient ph issue.

Not sure if it is pre fertilized but I haven’t used any nutrients period since I started it’s all soil nutes. My soil ph has been very well balanced around 6.4 so I don’t think it is a ph issue this all seemed to happen a day or 2 after I Neem oil sprayed because of a thripe attack but I don’t think that would cause damage since it is organic. :confused: and wouldn’t my other 2 be affected if it was a ph issue? They are very green and healthy idk why this little girl is being attacked so heavy :frowning:

No, your ph seems to be ok from what you posted.

The spray could be the culprit if you sprayed, the lights are close and you left them on after spraying. Best practice is to spray after lights out or an hour or two before they come on. The spray droplets can “lens” and create a little magnifying glass.

Also the spots could be s result of whatever insect infestation you’re dealing with.

Overall I don’t think it’s going to be fatal.


Let’s get a couple of experts to weigh in here. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @Donaldj

Ate you overwatering? They almost look a little puffy to me, but I’m on a phone screen.

some strains can be more sensitive than other to nutrients present in soil

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Straight Ocean Forest can be a little hot for seedlings. I cut mine with Happy Frog and perlite.

She should recover as she gets older and better suited for the nutrients that are there.


Just guessing but I’ve read that distilled water is not that beneficial due to all of the minerals have been lost through the distilling process. Just a thought maybe. Plants need the minerals like we need them.

In an enhanced soil there is little need of minerals in your water for several months which is key selling point of FFOF


Cool man. Just thinking out loud. I dont know about it. I live on a farm and don’t care to pay for soil. Grow on!


Thanks for all the advice guys! Very helpful and calmed my nerves down :+1: I did a slurry test on my soil and it turns out my ph is at 5.8!!! So I messed up :sob: I am using dolomite lime to try and raise it up since watering more at a higher ph is out of the question at the moment any other ideas? I’m also thinking this is the reason for them being so small for their age will a nutrient lockout keep them small?

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if root zone is out the roots don’t eat from medium in turn they don’t provide nutrients for growth and plant can seem to stunt or stall waiting for more favorable conditions. This appearance is deceptive in that roots are still hunting and spreading into medium and once conditions improve top growth is sudden and explosive.


That is very good to know thank you!