Brown spots on leaves some yellowing

First grow, GDP day 26 flower, outdoor container, in FoxFarm Ocean soil…feeding ff tiger bloom, Alaskan fish nutes, cal mag last watering. No pests seen, but have had 2 limbs snap at base during storms…


Im going through the same thing I’m using Fox Farms also in soil outside in 5 gallon fabric pots then pH in my water the runoff pH is good let the bad boy I had this last year with Fox Farms I was thknking septora cannibis but iv head alot over people hav this prob with fox farms right when going into flower magnesium shows something lik this im lookin for help with this to


Mag deficiency? Or bugs?

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Don’t worry about those lower leaves. It’s normal for the plant to shed them as the plant matures. The plant looks fine overall.

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Just my opinion but I’ve been using earth dust base&bloom top dressing with it I’ve had no problem at all

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Agree with @MidwestGuy guy and would ask if you’re using the Grow Big with the Tiger Bloom :love_you_gesture:

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Are you feeding enough nitrogen and supplementing calcium and magnesium? :love_you_gesture:

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Thought u cut it out aound week 5 in flower i did top dress with blood meal and fox farm chia ching and tiger bloom as per schedule well a lil more cutnthere to big im feedin every 3 days i do use cal mag at 5ml a gal

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Nitrogen is needed through out the grow and yes 3-5 ml of calmag with 1/2 teaspoon of epson :love_you_gesture:

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I had some of the same spots. Just used cal-mag and seems to of fixed it. It takes a few days.

I’m not using Grow big, just cal mag 5ml per gal, and Tiger Bloom


Thank you

They need some nitrogen Growmie :love_you_gesture:

You can go on Amazon and purchase build a soil- clover cover crop and help with lots of things including nitrogen. I use it and works great.
I use lots of build a soil products. Grab a bag of there top dress soil kit. It’s awesome. Even has a few red wiggler worms inside.

Nothing seems to help maybe cannabis Sephora that is outside