Brown spots on leaves even after I defoliate what’s the problem?

Idk what’s going on I’ve never seen my leaves look bad like this. Even if I take the bad ones off; more leaves the next day are brown and spotty stunting their growth

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Strain- GG4
Soil- strawberry fields
4th week of flowering

  • bags instead of pots
    Using organic fertilizer nutes
    Water is 6.5ph
    5x5 tent with a mars hydro 1000ts light
    Day time Humidity and night time are the same between 45-60%
    Small fans for air flow and large floor fan for air to escape
    No co2


Looks like calcium, magnesium deficiency, along with a bit of nitrogen toxicity.
It looks like white powder mold on the leaves. Does the white stuff wipe off?

How much have you been feeding?

The white powder is what I put on the leaves because I thought it was a gnat infestation I plucked the bag leaves yet new one turn brown the next day I feed once a week with fertilizer

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I’m assuming you saw some gnats to think it was a gnat problem?

Correct; I had them outdoors a lot during veg then brought them in to flower, out of 5 plants this is the only one that had these discoloration. Since I use the same exact nutrients and feeding schedule for each I assumed that it wasn’t a nutrient deficiency. More and more leaves keep turning brown just on this one girl

I’m using the same organic nutes for all 5 of my girls yet this is the only one that’s having issues

I would recommend to add additional calcium and magnesium.

Welp that’s exactly what I’m going to try today! I have some cal mag thank u :pray:t5:

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