Brown spots on leaves during flower stage

Has any body ever had brown spots on some leaves

Pics or it didn’t happen.


Pics would be helpful, but that’s usually a result of incorrect PH or mag deficiency.

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I’m looking for help
Here are my pics

You can check my thread first timer inside for my garden specs…

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Looks like a calcium deficiency to me. Caused from lockout or bad ph is the question. Do you use cal mag?We need more info.


Yes cal mag in every mix

Lockout is a term I keep hearing. Not sure exactly what causes it or how I would correct.

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Lockout is from not being in the correct ph range. Depending on your medium you need to be within a certain ph. Coco for instance I keep it at 5.8. If you go out of the ph range the plant cannot absorb the nutes it needs and if not addressed causes a lockout.

Thanks for the reply

Im in soil mix
I have nutes at 6.5 going in.

How do i know the soil ph?

I have tested some runoff and it was around 5.2. I don’t get much runoff but I did create some on a few pots to see what it was coming out at.

How is it corrected??

Many thanks for any info!!

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You can try to raise the ph from the runoff 5.2 by either flushing it and starting over or try upping your ph on the next feeding to 7. Also water to 20% runoff.

Looks more like a touch of calcium deficiency, or light burn from liquid on the leaves under lights.

Also looks like it’s beginning to foxtail. What are your temps like? High/low

Try a slurry test.

2 tbs soil from deeper in the soil (be kind to the roots)
Add to 4 oz distilled/RO water.
Agitate well
Let settle for 15-20 min
Test for pH.

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I’m at week 7 flower
Temps have not gone over high 70s during the dark time. During the light stage it tends to be cooler low 70s even see 69. I try to keep mid 70s but hard in a shed
I am out of town and trying not to freak if my girls a going south!!
My caregiver is going in the morning so I will have him call me and send more pic.

I can have him add to ph in mix and test run out.
If he does a slurry test what ph do we want to see with that?


A slurry test will give a fairly accurate soil pH. Just so you know where it’s at.

Okay thanks
My helper did not do slurry this morning.
But he bumped nutes to 7.0 going in and added more cal mag to my premix. (I had around 4ml per gal. Had him add 5ml per, making it 9 per gal)
Out flow water on my Tahoe plants was at 5.9. On my skunk 5.5.

I see the foxtails on the Tahoe but not on the skunk.

Here are todays pics….

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Any opinions on how long before harvesting

I was planning based on my calendar to start flushing Monday, six days from now.
Doing a two week flush.
Would put me at about 10 weeks total flower.

Outside I have always watched crystals and looked for amber. I had no schedule.

My “mentor “ says 73 days…I think that is based on his strain, I am not growing his clones.

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