Brown Spots on Leaves! Did I do the right thing?

Hey all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted… kinda just doing my own thing lately, practicing my growing. I’ve recently gotten my father in law started up at his place. This is his first grow and I’m helping him with it as far as basic guideline and nutrients.

Right now we are having some trouble with the girls… We were having some brown spots like this. I was like… okay looks like a bit of calimag deficiency, I thought, so this next feeding we upped the CaliMag.

We have a 15 gal reservoir and were only adding 2.5ml/gal of Calimag. I upped it to 3.5/ml gal. Our nutes are as follows: 35ml Armor Si, 50ml Calimag, 30ml HydroGuard, 60mL FloraMicro, 120mL FloraBloom. PH has been excellent. PPMS are about 600/650 for vegetating. I noticed a small amount of nute burn so I was gonna take that back down to 500.

Anyways after changing the Calimag, we were spreading them out some more (doing a scrog) and we found this leaf. I’m figuring it could be from before just a little bit ahead and we’re just now discovering it… but I just wanted to see if you guys thought it was a Calimag issue or something else entirely? The first few pictures are of the leftmost plant. The bad leaf below we found on the right side which didn’t seem to be having the same issues until now apparently it is/it was as well.

Btw we are in a hydro RDWC setup, 5x5 tent with nice quantum board lights. HLG 600. Two plants growing, both WW strain with chilled water about 65F. Temps about 75F day, 68F night. 50ish humidity.

Here are updated pictures of both plants he took tonight. Mind ya he’s been tucking so some the leaves look weird under the net.


@beautifulL0V3 Looks like most everything that’s doing that is a big fan leaf correct because if so they’re dying off you can clip them and take them out that’s just part of the natural process they won’t always stay big and green even through veg they will still die off whenever they get the size of your hand or bigger but what you’re doing is perfect they look fabulous keep up the good work


Hell ya nice crop👍

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