Brown spots on leaves, any one know what’s going on here?

I went to water the girls this morning and noticed these brown spots on some of the leaves! A few days ago I noticed some of the leaves had burnt tips but I thought it was due to my Light height adjustment. image image image image image

Growing info: day 75. This is a potforpot grow with an addition of fox farms big bloom and tiger bloom 2tsp each in a gallon of water every other feeding.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Welcome to ILGM!
Looks like calcium deficiency, and I know all nutrients are supposed to be in the soil, but some are hungry than others.


Thanks for the reply! I was thinking that too but I’m a super beginner so I wanted to reach out first before making any decisions.

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Have you flushed according to ff trio recommendations

No I did not flush, I began adding the nutes about a month ago.

Have you gave her any Cal-Mag at all?

Just today I ordered some and gave it to the girls tonight.

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Give it on water days only

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Fortunately, at least for me on first grow, the cal def was easy fix. Used GH CaliMagic. If you water with distilled or RO water, such as I do, def need the cal/mag. The wonderful thing about these plants is that they will tell you right off if there is a problem. And they tend to respond quite well to corrective measures.

Best of luck on your grow!