Brown spots on bottom leaves

2 week old plant. These spots suddenly showed up. I am following the same process I use to start my tomatoe plants. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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Not the end of the world. You’ll lose those leaves anyways. Keep an eye on it and insure it’s not spreading. I think you’ll be OK.

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Looks like you may have splashed some water on those leaves. Keep an eye that it doesn’t get worst but you should be good.

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So I lost that plant, started another and at 2 weeks the same thing is happening to the lower leaves. I thought I was overwatering so only water when it is completely dry. No water has splashed on the leaves. Frustrated.

Additional details:
Banana kush auto
Organic soil
Plastic pot
Tap water ph is 7
1000 w led grow light
84 degrees under the light, have been keeping it on at all times, 40-50 % humidity
Small fan running constantly