Brown Spots on a Few Sugar Leaves

Hi All,

I am needing a lil support from the wonderful people here. About 3 days ago I noticed some small brown spots on a couple sugar leaves on my AK-47. The next day it was a little worse but today I don’t see any change. It is affecting (3) colas on this plant, the other (5) colas are fine.

They are 5 weeks into the flowering phase

As always advice is greatly appreciated,

• What strain: AK-47 from ILGM

• Method: Organic soil, FF Ocean Forest amended with Dolomite lime, Garden Tone, Worm Castings and Mykos applied to roots during transplant.

• Vessels: 3 Gallon Fabric Pots

• PH of Water, Feed: 6.2 — Runoff: 6.7

• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution Feed: 1.5 — Runoff: 2.2

Indoor or Outdoor

• Light system: (3) Growstar Full Spectrum LED, 115 watt actual current draw each, 14" Above canopy 38,000 LUX— estimated PAR 975 ppfd/umol/s/m2.

• Temps; Day- 71 deg. F , Night- 71 deg. F.

• Humidity; Day- 50-55% RH , Night- 50-55% RH

• Ventilation system; Separate intake and exhaust fans providing 5 air changes per minute roughly

• AC- 8k btu portable , Humidifier= yes, De-humidifier= YES,

• Co2; Yes, No

If growing Hydro some additional questions: NA

Here are some photos:

Here is a picture reference I have printed off and hung by my tents I like to refer to. But @Caligurl @Hellraiser and @MidwestGuy can help point you in the right direction as im not as experienced as they are. Looks to me like cal mag Deficiency tho


Yeah does look like a calcium deficiency, using CalMag? What nutes are you using?

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@BigCat420 @Caligurl @Hellraiser and @MidwestGuy-

Thanks for the advice. I have been using Earth Juice’s Bloom, Meta-K and Microblast. I have been giving them just a little Chicken Soup for the Soil for a lil nitrogen. I also use molasses to feed the microbes. And I do Cal-Mag every watering.

Here is a better picture of all the plants. I hate the purple light from the LEDs. Overall the are nice and green.



Looking amazing brother! Just keep at it be attentive for anymore issues. Glad I could help ya out!


They do look very nice, great growing!

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Personally, i wouldn’t give them N at this stage. You are far enough along that I wouldn’t worry about it… just keep any eye out to make sure its not getting too bad.

You could also add a little Epsom salt to the mix which will help with the Cal/Mag uptake. I use 1/4t for a 5 gallon bucket of water/nutrients

Thanks all for the compliments! This is my 3rd grow… the first one sucked because I didn’t know anything… the second sucked even worse because I thought I knew everything…

Good tip on the epsom salt to help with Cal/Mag uptake @Caligurl, I will give her a dose of that and keep a close eye on things.

I have been decreasing the nitrogen the last 3 feedings and like you say I probably won’t add any more.

Thanks again everyone!

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