Brown spots..looks like dust

Any ideas what I am dealing with… and what to do?

Looks like you may have thrips.
Captain Jacks dead bug applied every couple of days will help eradicate the buggers.


Take a good look, are those pests. Look like thrips

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Does it wipe off? If not thrips it could be your humidifier. If it is thrips, I second Captain Jacks.

Do you use an ultrasonic humidifiers or cool mist impeller humidifier? Do you use tap water in a humidifier?

The only types of humidifiers that can potentially release white dust are ultrasonic humidifiers and cool mist impeller humidifiers

White dust is a byproduct of minerals found naturally in water, which can sometimes be released into the air during the humidification process. White dust, which can be a nuisance but is not harmful, may settle on surfaces.

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