Brown spots, leaves dying during flower

First grow, switched to flower 4 weeks ago. A week or so ago I noticed brown spots on the leaves. I assumed calmag would fix leaves are dying off a bit and the buds are coming in nicely I don’t want to ruin my yield. Fox farm ocean forest soil, ph runoff was 6.5. Temp and humidity is controlled. Soil seems to be getting hard in 5 gallon fabric pots.seem to be drinking a lot. Wondering if possibly getting rootbound could cause the same symptoms?



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Welcome, looks good I think your on the right track but imm pretty sure root bound is not an issue with fabric pots. The roots grow through the bag and air prune themselves

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Just worried about the leaves dying off. Im hoping the worst is over and the deficiency has been corrected. Was hoping someone went through this already and knows what deficiency caused it or if my light was too strong…

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@yoshi @Bulldognuts @beardless @Mr_Wormwood @Mark0427 @MaD-VapoR
Maybe these can offer some insight

As rare as it is. It looks like manganese to me. Best wait for more experience though.

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I do not think the problem is caused by bound roots. One benefit of fabric pots is some root pruning. The condition you are experiencing looks very similar to one I am contending with. These are purple haze.
I first noticed it 6/20 day 28 on 12/12 light schedule. Taller plant upper left leaves. A few brown spots.

It progressed. One week later on 6/27

They are growing in peat and I am using Jack’s 321. I asked the forum for help and the consensus
was pH lockout. The vessels I am using also complicated matters. I am trying out a sub-irrigation system in 5 gallon buckets. I drained and flushed the reservoir buckets and also flooded the reservoir bucket to try to flush the peat. This was unsuccessful so did a major traditional flush. Garden hose in the driveway on 7/5, day 43

close up of some of worst leaves

This photo is from 7/20 of the most affected plant. It appears the damage has been slowed or stopped for the most part. The damaged leaves will not heal. My hope is to stop further damage and get them to harvest.

The target pH for peat is 6.0. The pH had climbed to 6.5. This initiated the flushing process.
My most recent check the pH has swung the other direction to 5.5+_ and ppm are higher than it should be. Today I will use pH water, no nutrients but add bud candy and nirvana to achieve good runoff.

You said you are in FF ocean forest with runoff ph of 6.5. Normally I would think this is acceptable.

However, the leaves are saying something else. If I was to suggest anything it would be to 6.8 ph water to 20 - 25% runoff. Then water again with calmag at 6.8ph. I am certainly no plant doctor and need help from other growers. Lets see if @Hellraiser and @Myfriendis410 have a minute to look at your plant, what I did to mine, and have a recommendation for you.


Did u happen to do a water to runoff and catch some to check numbers. Seems likeeither mag problem like stated or possibly a ph lockout. If u r too rich on one of the nutes u r feeding it will cause this problem also. Best wait for a def more experienced person to give the word tho. I muself would just water super good with phd calmag water til i get descent number coming out.

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What nutes are you using and how much?

I’m using fox farm nutrients. Not at full strength, although the ppm was 1700 and I use R.O. water. I basically stopped feeding for now all I did was water with calmag at a ph of 6.9 so I’m hoping to se some better results. Then I plan on keeping my ppm at around 1000… and I appreciate all the helpful comments.

I did start giving them the open sesame and beastie bloomz according to their schedule, just not at full strength. Maybe it was still too much…

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After a water or 2 check run off again. Once u r down to desired ppms ur in good again as long as ph is there too. U can feed at higher rater but u really have to watch the plant and dont up it alot at once gradually up it. If u notice tip burns at all fo a water and next feed dont go as high of ppms. Always alway always keep ph in line. @Hellraiser is gonna be a hell of a leader for u. Just look at his journals lol

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Seems like a combination of current nute burn and maybe prior deficiencies. Are you flushing as per the FF feed schedule, every 3-4 weeks? I always had issues with FF trio if I did not flush now and then. If not, I’d give them a good flush and re-feed at 1/2 strength, don’t want to leave them hungry.

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I did flush with the sledgehammer as per their schedule. But I hear what you’re saying. Sounds accurate, I definitely went about 3/4 strength if their recommendations but I probably should’ve started at 1/4 strength and gaged the plants response.:pensive:hopefully they recover and it doesn’t hurt my yield too much. Thanks a lot, I thought it knew what it was but it being my first grow I felt like I definitely needed some guidance. This site is great. Thanks a million!

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And on another note I was thinking about going 100% organic with my nutrients next grow. Any suggestions on brands? Sorry to bother just wanna grow the best buds I can.:muscle:t3:

I used and recommend advanced nutrients Iguana Juice Grow & Bloom. AN was supposed to be rebranding and adding to its organic line. Not sure where they are at in that process. I did a combination of organic and natural nutrients and supplements.

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