Brown spots forming on leaves

I came to check on them tonight and I noticed some brown spots forming on the leaves there not dark brown or but I am now worried as this was my most “healthy looking” one and none of the others have them. I have been kind of spraying with distilled water so the leaves could absorb it. I feed them some Coco A&B today at 2ml per gallon plus 2 mo Cannazym. PPM was 600 and PH was 5.8 runoff was 6.2PH didn’t check EC or PPM runoff. Any advice would be great.

Could be water splashing on leaves when watering.

That’s what I was thinking. Looking back I do recall saying “ah wth” and kinda spritzing it with my wand while watering. Noted for next time I suppose lol. I look at the pic and it does look like water slipping off the leaves on the right side. You know If this will be of any harm in the future?

No it won’t just be careful when watering. did the same thing with a outside plant with a watering can.

Ooooh okay I think I saw your topic like right before mine as well. Probably not but it seems like a lot of ppl today have had a similar issue🤣. I saw it looked similar to yours but wasn’t 100%. Thanks for the input.
Cheers :man_farmer: