Brown pistons clear trichomes

Hi, absolute newby grower here. I’ve grown a little plant outside.she’s been blooming for about four weeks I think. I’ve got a jewlers microscope and I think most of the trichomes are still clear definitely no amber but my pistons are all brown. We’re going away for a week tomorrow, I’ve got a watering system in place but does the plant look ok? Think it’ll be ok for another week? Does it mean it’s screwed if the pistons are brown already and the trichomes don’t seem ripe?


You have 4 to 6 weeks to go then.

Please edit out your F-bomb. We don’t do that here.


Apologies I’ve no idea how to edit I thought the extra uuuu would get me a pass :joy:

You’re totally fine and the pistils are fine. Focus on the trichromes and you’ll be good. The pistils turn a reddish brown and its all part of the process.


Look good to me, and it’s pistils not pistons. Those are inside an engine.

She looks great. Water her before you leave (if she needs) then water when you get back. And like @IslandGrown76 said dont worry about the “PISTILS”

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