Brown pistil's on 2 of 3 Blue Dream autoflower plants after 4 weeks of flowering?

Hi guys, looking for some advice of course. As stated in the heading 2 of my Blue Dream plants have pistils turning brown, 1 is real bad as you can see in the photo. The 1 to the right in the back is all white pistils. The leaves on all 3 of them still looks nice and green and they all are growing about the same height. I have them growing in soil indoors under a 1000 watt and a 450 watt led full spectrum lights. I’m feeding them with the same nutrients that I’m feeding my hydroponic plant made by General Hydroponics. I keep Ph levels around 6.5, same as my hydro plant. Could I have over watered the plant that has the real brown pistils ? I only wonder that because the really brown one is up front, so maybe it was getting more water than the other 2 by accident. Another thing I need to mention (or admit), is the one that still has all white pistils is the only 1 of the 3 that I moved to a larger pot (12x12). The other 2 I kept in their smaller pots (6x6) because I was concerned about transplanting them while they are blooming and didn’t want to risk all 3 of them. My question is, what might have caused the big difference in the 3 plants, and is there any hope for the one that has 95% pistils brown after only 1 month since blooming? If I harvest it now, I will probably get less than 4 grams of flower.
Thanks in advance for any help with this.


I should mention the only difference between the first photo and the third one is I had the flash off on the first one and had the flash on on the last photo. The middle photo is the back right plant which is still all white pistils like it should be.

First, I am just basing this on the pics, so this is by no means a thorough answer.

What medium are you using? They are likely root-bound and growth is being slowed to a crawl. They also look to have a Magnesium deficiency. If you are using soil, you may also have salt build-up, which can cause various issues including nutrient lock-out. I did notice the tips of your leaves are a bit crispy and that the leaves are curling upward at the ends, which would indicate a magnesium deficiency. Add some Epsom Salts to plain water, about one tablespoon per gallon for two days. Substitute that for your regular nutes. Make sure you are using a good Cal/Mag formula in your regular waterings afterward, and maybe pull back a tad on the other nutes until you see them perk up.

At any rate, if I had to guess, I’d say the tiny pots are also to blame. 6"x6"? That is pretty tight. Also, if you are running 6.5 for your hydro grow, you should bring the PH down to 5.8, gradually over a few days. And if you are using Coco for the others, rather than soil, bring the PH down to 5.8 as well. But do so after you have watered in the Epsom for a couple days.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll be getting some Epsom salt tomorrow and try your recommendations. I will also transplant the 2 to the bigger pots and see if they can come back some.
Thanks again.

Well I wouldn’t worry about harvesting now because that plant is not close to ready. You have a few weeks before any will be done. If you don’t already have a loupe or scope to check the trics I would recommend getting one. They are the real indication if the plant is ready or not. As for the different growth stages it happens with autos. They do their own thing when they want to. Keep doing what you have been the plants look good.

Thanks Capt, and I do have a real good quality microscope to check the trics, that’s usually what I watch when deciding when to harvest. I just got a little scared by how brown the pistils are on the front plant. I’m hoping moving them to a bigger pot won’t kill them now that they are in the middle of their blooming cycle. I guess I will find out. I will post what happens so it might help someone else in the future.

In all honesty it might not make much of a difference at this point in their lives. They are done growing except for the buds fattening up. Just something to consider before you transplant them.


I don’t see an issue with the different color, like all have mentioned the small pots ended up root bound slowing and stunting growth. Plants from the same batch can often be totally different.

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Yes I would not do any transplants now. It will just stall any further progress they have left. I bet it’ll slow them down a good month doing a transplant now. It’ll have to stretch roots for a week plus then go thru and catch up where it left off. Best to just finish them out. They look fairly well to my eye for being in a smaller pot. Next run u know and knowing is half the battle. I am learning and seeing so far inside grows really don’t require anything over a 7 gallon pot I use 7 gal. But 5 is most likely the good size for indoor grows unless u have 20 foot ceilings lol.

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