Brown on top of Bud

It’s the only bud like this out of 60 or so? I’m guessing 3 weeks into flower or less? I added a pic of the top cola for reference.
Just gave the second staggered feedings of Monster bloom on Saturday (8/5)and
Molasses epsom kelp tea yesterday (8/7) these are in ground midwest ( chicagoland) first recent rain in weeks. 1/2" 2 Plants, this is the younger of the 2

That looks like rot/mold and your leafs appear to be covered in mositure. All your buds will be useless if it continues.

Its raining

I cut that bud. And being able to look at it w/o bending it’s obvious that it is brown decomposing matter. Next year my entire property will benifit from a good dose or two of sulfur during season. I have been using neem oils and homade spidermite sprays (that work great) I just need to be more thurough in late Winter early spring w/dormant sprays.

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