Brown on outside of all leaves now tips are brown and curling and look like dying!?

GOD FATHER OG started to develop brownish on the outside of the leaves along the Bottom now it’s worked its way up several more rows up as you can see.! I read it was either potassium or calcium deficiency!? Nevermind the soil and age at this point I just need to know what to do? I read i should flush the roots and put back in new soil? Flush with what? Just water? All my other plants are in the same soil and same age same same same everything! This is my only GFOG and I have to save it! Thank you!

She just looks hungry to me. How long has it been since they were fertilized? And what kind of soil? You’ll need to be able to monitor ph & ppm to be able to properly diagnose.


Foxfarm soil and PH is always below 7 and above 6 I fertilized according to directions. I’m using fox farm fertilizer. Damn leaves are turning yellow again too on ALL my plants!

The reason I didnt mention soill and PH is cuz that isnt the problem. BUT PH is 6.6 and its foxfarm soil and fertilizers etc… Sorry IDK what ppm is?? These are outside. I have 149 plants growing NOW and 13 different strains AND THIS IS MY ONLY GFOG strain!

if using foxfarm soil. you don’t need to be add feed in any way for at least 4-6 weeks. Just use PH’d water . it looks like you are give it extra food. and this in turn is burning the plant.


YES! FINALLY AN ANSWER I CAN AGREE WITH! I an ALWAYS over doing g it! I have to control myself! THANKS MAN! What do you suggest I do since I just fed them yesterday?

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This is what I use for PH balance and it works well. Should I use this EVEY TIME I WATER THEM? ALl my plants went from 7.0 to 6.3/6.6 from using this PH down. Its organic just for plants

I am far cry from an expert. But from what i read, i think other around here would tell you to flush the plant. the soil will be soaked after the flush. no need two water for at least 2-3 days. also a ppm meter is something you need to have.

what i would do is mix up a gallon of the PH’d water and just keep it in cabinet or somewhere close by and just use that every watering from now on. the gallon should easily last you a week or more when plants are little.

after you use up all the nutes from the soil and start needing liquid nutes. you need to mix the nutes first and then PH from there.


You should PH your water every time after adding nutes or just using plain water. Optimum soil PH is 6.5. Kind of the sweet spot for nutrient intake. Coco is generally at 5.2-6.0. I flush 2 weeks before harvest to rid her of the nutes and get a smoother smoke. :love_you_gesture:


If you want answers to your questions, then providing all the information I asked questions for, is pertinent. There is a support ticket you can fill out if you have inquiries in the future.


I’m no expert, but there’s definitely a lot of helpful people here. I’m also using FF HF, day 54, and have had a host of issues on first grow.

I concur its definitely nutrient related, and in order to get good advice from any of the serious people around here more info is needed! :slight_smile:

Use the support ticket layout as suggested is my opinion! Just put as much as you know anyways.

PPM is parts per million, it’s a test of dissolvable solids within your water stuff. I haven’t tested for it myself, but testing pH and at least knowing where your feed is at, AND the pH of the runoff you’re getting is important for sure.

How old are they? Are you planning on transplanting? Looks like a pretty small container so far, and may have to give it fresh medium to breathe and grow into.

Good luck to you, you’ll figure it out for sure! If I can do it so can you! :slight_smile:


If FFsoil which one ffhf or ffof. If those pots are smaller than 5 gal recomend transplant also FF soils are crammed full of neuts, when I used it I didnt feed for 5/8 weeks after transplant. Monitor ppm till they get down to 1000 or less before adding g neuts as you will get neut burn.get a TDS meter 12/20 bucks. Its critical with FF.


@Audiofreak I still don’t have one of those myself :rofl::rofl: I really have been just kinda bumbling along learning how to grow cannabis. Been a lot of fun so far though with my journal lol

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The TDS meter is important as water. Without you dont know when and how much to feed.get one asap. Search here for threads about TDS there are hundreds. They will explain in detail. It’s very easy to use.


Just noticed a anniversary cake by my icon. Thanks ILGM.


Happiest of birthdays!


I’m getting there. As I said, it’s my first grow and I’m a dummy. You should see all the struggles I’ve been through :sweat_smile:

And happy anniversary @Audiofreak !!

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The struggles only give us valuable lessons that’ll improve our skills. You don’t learn much if you accidentally have a simple grow without trouble shooting.

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Amen to that!!

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I am on my second grow Not using PH UP/DOWN I set my water jugs outside for a couple of days for the chlorine to dissapate Only use CalMag during veg with Bat poop tea on ever feeding Ocean forest soil I have zero issues they grow like crazy My only problem are crappy pheno types but I will never PH my water ever again .