Brown leaves is this a K defiant plant? Thanks


So I need to flush till the pH comes up and ppm goes down to approx what? Thanks


You definitely need a major flush. Whatever size your pot is, you’ll need to put in 3x that amount of pH’d water to flush. If you can, use potassium bicarbonate as your pH buffer for this.

Maybe add some flowable lime.


ok here go I took water from the house which is cold well water added some hot water to get it up to 65 degrees, pH as you can see is 8 plus ppm…


Now, drop that down to 7.0.


first flush complete with aforementioned water 8 gal. Ppm coming down and pH going up. Second flush @ 7 ph coming.


Ok ppm 487 and 4.1 pH post 16 gal. How low can I take the ppm?


You NEED to get your pH in range. This is imperative.

You can bottom out your ppm’s, and then bring it back up with a feed. Your pH needs to come down.


Last flush ppm in 148 out 424, ph
In 7.1 out 4.1?


Don’t worry about the PPM, you can always add more nutes. Right now just concentrate on getting the Ph up.


So more phed water?


Yep, keep going till you hit 5.8 minimum.


Keep flushing! Don’t stop until it’s in range.


Ok doing the 4th flush 36 gal. So far I just don’t know if this plant appreciated it


Don’t worry, you’re going to let her dry out after you finish flushing.


48 gal ph 4.8 going to get more water


Ok 120 gal PH5.81. Once she stops dripingbI will put her back to bed. I will do the rest of them tomorrow. Next? let them dry out? Then back adding feet/water?..


Yes, let her dry out. Sorry, I know it’s a lot of work for a few plants.


Ok started to flush the second plant who appears outwardly fine. However after 10 gal. ph 4.4 ppm 1200. Post 30 gal flush ph 5 and ppm 240. I stopped at that. Two plants to go and they also look fine.
Q: should I have flushed this second plant again till it reaches 5.8 , which probably of taken at least another 30 gal. I am thinking?


You really should try to get all the plants up to 5.8 minimum.


Ok but I am a little wore out from carrying water to my shed so it will have to wait for a couple of days. Thanks for the insight . Pic of plant I flushed yesterday. She doesn’t look that good, Al part of the learning curve.