Brown leaves is this a K defiant plant? Thanks


Well thanks again ppm is starting to make sense.
I bought a PH meter quite a while ago and then found out I need to calibrate it so I ordered the appropriate materials and I am fine now . I will order a TDS meter shortly do I need any add on’s
to say calibrate the meter or test it? Just trying to save time with the mail. TDS meter any recommendations for a relatively cheap one? Thanks again for the info and the added post which I couldn’t find on my own…


ppm recommendation is not to use a cheap one. also there are standardized ppm solutions u can use to test your meter accuracy. as far as calibration, idk, they may not be calibratable


I use this one. It is a cheap version and doesn’t have anything on it to calibrate. I have a 1500 reference solution. When I put it in it registers 1508. I also use a pH 7.0 solution that I use to sanity check my cheap pH meters.

If you are interested in higher quality/higher price, Apera makes nice models that people on this site recommend.


OK will order a cheaper $20 TDS version this week. Looking forward to see the #'s in the next while. Plants are just touching 20 in. now and I am ready to start them on their 12/12 after turning the lights off for 24-36 hours to begin the flower cycle. Thanks to all…


If you have some pics, forward them along.


Started 36 hr. darkness on Nov. 18th., 12/12 on the 20th of Nov. Indications of flowering on the 26th. They have grown about 5-8 inches since the 18th. I guess that is the stretch. Still have a few stems on the one plant who has some leaf tip burn but does not seem to go to other stems? Also some leaves seem to curl inwards? The plant other than that looks OK…


I have pics at the beginning of this post of the discolored leaves. Things have not changed much other than the plants are getting taller and started to flower…


Is the new growth showing discoloration or is it healthy. The pic above looks healthy.


This is the same plant that had the brownish edges today. This is the only plant that seems to canoe or cup and have the browned edges after watering with fertilizer there is some stems/stocks that are affected but not the whole plant.


You plants look nice and full. To me, this plant looks like it is too hot or too close to the lights. I have had this happen to me and it was because of both 90+ degrees F and inches from an HPS. Where are you at for temps, lamps and distance to it?


The Temp. ranges between 23 -27 day and night. I moved this plant to the back of the box also there is other plants are closer to the lights. The lights have been at 24 in. prior to me lowering them to 18-24 in…


Is there a fan blowing on that particular area more so than the other plants?


the fan is on the other side of the box…


If we cross off heat, lights and wind burn, then it’s some sort of nutrient issue. How is you pH and PpMs of the water that runs off out the bottom of your pots?


I have a new problem. Another plant after watering all 4 plants with the same solution concentration developed leaves that claw down mostly up at the new bud sights. The leaves seem to dry out on the tips some completely. They don’t seem to change color. The fertilizer has been changed prior to the problem to a 0-50-30, (with addition of Molasses, and Ca /Mg. which they have been getting for a month now). Question if this is N Toxicity should I flush with PH water or not?


Gotta some pics? Clawing down can be a lot of things. And have you been able to measure the pH and ppm’s coming out the bottom? Bad pH an ppms will lead to deficiencies and/or toxicity that will ea to symptoms you are seeing.


pH going in is 6.4 out 3.4 with almost 3000 ppm. Just flushed with 4 gal of water @ 6.4
Should I flush with a higher PH? And if so how how much or?


You have 3.4pH runoff with 3000 ppm? I just want to make sure I have it right. If this is the case, you need to get the pH up and ppms down. In my first an second grows, which I had plants in excessive ppms did exactly what your plant was doing up above - clawing upwards.

The clawing down could be overwatering, or could be from the pH and ppms issues. When you say you flushed with 4 gallons of water - was that for each plant, or 4 gallons in total. After this flush you got 3.4pH?

@blackthumbbetty @raustin any thoughts for extreme pH swings?


3.4 is dangerously low and 3000 is very high. You have a lot of flushing to do. I would start flushing at 7.0 to get the Ph up right away.


4gal. total on the one plant.