Brown leaves is this a K defiant plant? Thanks


Well thanks again ppm is starting to make sense.
I bought a PH meter quite a while ago and then found out I need to calibrate it so I ordered the appropriate materials and I am fine now . I will order a TDS meter shortly do I need any add on’s
to say calibrate the meter or test it? Just trying to save time with the mail. TDS meter any recommendations for a relatively cheap one? Thanks again for the info and the added post which I couldn’t find on my own…


ppm recommendation is not to use a cheap one. also there are standardized ppm solutions u can use to test your meter accuracy. as far as calibration, idk, they may not be calibratable


I use this one. It is a cheap version and doesn’t have anything on it to calibrate. I have a 1500 reference solution. When I put it in it registers 1508. I also use a pH 7.0 solution that I use to sanity check my cheap pH meters.

If you are interested in higher quality/higher price, Apera makes nice models that people on this site recommend.


OK will order a cheaper $20 TDS version this week. Looking forward to see the #'s in the next while. Plants are just touching 20 in. now and I am ready to start them on their 12/12 after turning the lights off for 24-36 hours to begin the flower cycle. Thanks to all…


If you have some pics, forward them along.