Brown leaf spots

I believe thise is a cal-mag deficiencies just what the experts on here to steer me in the right direction if not any help is much appreciated thanks

Need a picture also of entire pant :v:

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Looks like phosphorus to me. A little dark though.

Will get more pics tomorrow for you

I’ve added some pics for everyone to examine I’ve cut down on nutrients as you can see I have nut burn any help is greatly appreciated thanks


Some nutrient burn and phosphorus could be getting locked out. What is your ph at in and out?

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After my last watering I noticed the run off ph was down to 6.1 i water around 6.3 to 6.5 and i thought maybe i had a lock out situation so i did a flush with ff sledgehammer and ph at 6.9 ppm was at 200 in . After flush ph was 6.6 for all 4 plants and ppm was 348 to 324.
I seem to only have the problem with 2 of them should i feed again or wait i us ff nut’s at half strength any help is much appreciated thank you

Damages leaves won’t heal themselves and if you just flushed, give it some time to straighten out


I’ve just begun growing 3weeks ago and I noticed some ugly areas on my girls.
I’m growing hydroponically and my ph is on point.
Any ideas? Thank you

Looks like wpm. Does it wipe off?

No it’s nor wiping off. I checked the ph after posting and it was 7.2.
I fixed that

Jesus that plant!