Brown hairs or bud rot?

Ok…so I’m new at this shit. I got ak47 going outdoors. It’s late August in SoCal . The hairs have started turning brown already. Is it normal do this in August. I thought it might be kinda early. Or is this the start of bud rotting. Any advice appreciated.


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Def doesn’t look like bud rot to me, the amount of trics and even amount of brown hairs say they plant will be ready within 3-4 weeks. Do you have a loupe to check tric colors on the buds?

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I’m no expert but I did stay at a Holiday Inn once :joy::joy:


If you don’t have a loupe, get one. Clear trics mean not ready, cloudy means good head/body high and mostly amber means you will get a couch lock high. Most people aim for a 50/50 mix cloudy and amber.
Make sure you check the trics on the buds, not the sugar leaves as those will amber up first.

Got it…thanks

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Not bud rot. Looks like normal change in color to pistols. Some plants go orange early.

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I don’t see any bud rot either @NavyVet420 but I haven’t stayed at the Holiday Inn yet…lol


I’ll be waitin for the amber trichomes then!

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