Brown edges and spots

This is my first grow and ive just moved some plants onto 12/12 but this started when i had them on 16/8, I have looked on alot of forums and i cant find anything about the problem that is useful. any ideas? i thought it might have been light burn but not sure

Looks like a pH issue. What is the pH of your root zone? What is the pH of the water you give it? And what is the pH of the nutrient mix, when you feed it?

wouldnt have a clue but knew i needed to get a ph thing eventuantly so i will be back in a few min

the soil ranges between 5.6-6.5 and the nutriants i give it is 6.5. water is 6.8

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Wow thanks for the pic of different types of things. Now I don’t have to ask so many questions lol

Water should probably be 6.5 at minimum. Also, what do you mean the soil ranges? What it is now, and what it was, maybe last week, exactly, is what we need to know. Usually a building pH situation takes about a week, maybe a little longer, often faster, to show in your leaves. Also the average reading, showing what is likely in the root zone right now is one of the most important things to know. But all this does tend to confirm a nutrient deficiency or lockout due to pH problems. Your water is likely hard water as well. This is all likely contributing to a high pH contributing to the problems you are seeing in your leaves.

What i mean by It ranges is that ive checked the ph in different places of the soil and one is minimum and one is maximum

How are you testing the soil vs. testing the water and nutrients?

Maybe something is not very accurate and the pH might even be higher than you think?

Im using a ph metre that i stick in the soil and im using the same for the Nutrients

A metal probe meter is not going to be very accurate in plain water, nor nutrients and water. Also depending on the probe, it might not be very accurate at all. You might want to check with maybe a couple of different methods to confirm what the pH is actually at. Maybe some pH test strips, drops, or even a digital pH pen meter. And find out if the plain water is actually quite a bit higher than 6.8

Like I said, and even looking at the reference pictures that do show spots similar to those on your plants, you are having a deficiency and the most likely culprit is the high pH.