Brown dots / specs on one leaf, mid growth


I’m not really sure where to begin, so I’ll give a little background.

Out of my three of five seeda that sprouted, the one in question was first to actually become a real plant. Sine the fisrt sprout, one that was lagging became huge by comparison, and the third to germinate caught up to the first.

All three plants are in early veg, e.g. 4 or 5 nodes of real leaves.

Grow medium is Black Gold, Just Coir.

All three began life in Jiffy pellets. The plant in question is actually the one that started expanding roots outside of the Jiffy Pot transition into coco.

They are all under a Platimun LED P600, set to veg only, so roughly less than 200 actual wats from the wall. Based upon a conversation with Platimun tech, they are set at ~30 inches at the moment.

The other two plants have deep green leaves and good growth patterns. They appear to be doing ll, in my opinion. They third, initially, had new growth that appeared to be coming in yellow. In my research, new growth that comes in yellow could be an iron deficiency, as nitrogen would be the opposite. I was also concerned that the transition to LED may have stressed this one plant. I did notice that this one plant seems to absorb water at a faster rate than the other two.

What I did, with all three plants was to introduce the full nute setup. That consists of Botanicare Pure Blend Pro, CalMag+, and Liquid Karma. I also added in soime Great White for microbial action and root health. I also added the T5 back into the lighting, focused on the plant with the yellowing new growth.

The pH of the water / nutes is at 6.1. I had to use pH Up to bring it up from 4.9. Water is distilled, and rates at ~7.0.

Using this blend, all plants have done well, and the yellowing on the one plant dissapeared and the leaves in the new growth phased from yellow to green. I have not watered / nuted since last night.

My observations tonight is that all plants continue to look very well; with growth happening at the junction of eact leaf pairing and the main stem.

WHat I’ve observed, is while the yellowed new growth on the one platis nota nice shade of green, one of th leaves from the second node is sporting what appears to be some light brown spots on the one center leaf. it is isolated to the one leaf.

With all plants receiving the same treatment, i am at a loss about the brown spots, atm. I can’t check with my local hydro guru until Monday, and wanted to address the issue as soon as possible.

Other than the small brown spots, everything else looks very nice across the board with all three plants. Any advice / insight is appreciated.



Hey, I have seen the brown spots on some of my leaves. I would not worry if it’s just one leaf. Some times if you get water on the leaves and got lights or outside sun they will burn a bit. Just watch and see if they come back.


Don’t forget about nutrient toxicity and nutrient/mineral salt toxicity build ups in the soil that can cause and contribute to lockout of other nutrients.

Also check out our nutrient deficiency guides:



Thanks much for trhe links and info. During my checking through symptom charts, as well as the nutrient link, I’m hoping that it may be just that I dopped water on the one leave.

In the symptom photo chart that I also use, it mostly resembles Calcium or Manganese deficiency; however, I use CalMag+, and my nute blend comes in right around 6.1 - 6.2, after doing a pH Up from 4.9.

The oddest part was that it was just limited to the one leaf, which did, very possibly, get a little liquid on it during the last feeding.

There are no signs of Nute Burn, and they newer growth, which had been coming in yellow, is all green now. (I’d read that iron deficiency, as well as lack of light, if repaired, could return leaves to green. Sure enough, after applying the nutes for two days, the new growth turned green. (I gave that plant extra watering, being careful to weatch for nute burn, and also aumented the light just above that one plant with the T5.

The plant looks really great, with new growth occuring without issue, just that one leaf, which actually is in an area that could get spalshed during watering / nute application.

I’ll keep everyone posted. I’ll also see if I can figure out how to upload a pic. :smile:


Ok, here are the three plants, for comparison, with the third being the one with the leaf issue.

This is the first plant, top view,

And side view.

Plant two from top view

And side.

This is the one with the spots, which you will notice on one of the leaves towards the top of the pic.

As far as I can see, new growth and the rest of the plant looks ok.

and this is a zoom of the bottom if the plant, even showing new growth coming from the established leaves.

Any input is appreciated, also on the others, as well. I’m trying my best to get this right. :smile:


Try adding a bit more magnesium, your red stems can also be pointing towards not enough.

Epsom salts or upping your cal-mag supplement might be warranted.



@MacGyverStoner, thatnks for the info. I’ll up the CalMag+, as my local Hydro guy also said you can up CalMag+ in coco to make up for lack of Calcium.

Per the red stems, I was wondering about that, and was uncertain. I’ve seen where it can be a deficiency; however, other posts mention that genetics could playa part, and these are Strawberry Kush. (A few threads mention that Kush, in general, can manifest in some redness in stems. Should this be a concern at this point?

Thanks again for the info. :smile:

Oh yeah, almost forgot. how do the other two look? They are all the same age and from the same group of seeds.


Coco coir is notorious for causing a magnesium deficiency, and it needs to be supplemented heavier than other media, FYI.



Yes some strains will show some red or purple-ish stems without a deficiency being present, but this is still more often going to be more so on a more mature plant normally and closer to flowering.

No matter the strain, if I see too much red or purple in the stem during veg, I feel that it is indicative if a nutrient deficiency.



@MacGyverStoner, Thanks again for the input. I’m about to mix up two more gallons of nutes, so I’ll throw in the extra CalMag+.

I’ve heard how coco can require more Calcium than other mediums, so I’ll definitely correct that. My initial concern was being too heavy-handed, and causing nute burn; however, I do not see any evidence that the plants are getting nute burn, at least that I can notice.

On an added note, I’ve read varying opinions on when plants go from seedling to early veg. Wouold these plants be considered in early veg, or are they still seedlings? (These plants first sprouted on September 22nd, roughly 48 hours after germination.)

Eventually I want to either top or FIM, but I want to ensure that I do not do that too soon.

Thanks again or all of the help. :smile: