Brown crap on RDWC roots... algae or nutes?

I just transferred plants into my rdwc system and a day later the roots have some brown crap on them. been circulating they were getting some kelp prior to going in the system and if you’ve ever used kelp you know it makes the water dark brown… when I pick up a plant out of the bucket, some of the water that runs/drips off the roots is brown… Does that sound/look like it could be the kelp that stuck to the roots or brown algae? water is 360ppm (early veg) and 68 degrees and the temp is 74 degrees. lights are on 24hrs.

Sounds more like root rot, either you don’t have enough air, or your water temps get too warm.

yeah… i’m running 2 air pumps…180L/min into 16 buckets and the water is 68 degrees. ?

Temps look good. Does it smell?

it doesn’t smell bad or nasty… if anything just a touch of pond water but barley… I washed the roots and there was a ton of brown crap that came off with the water… roots didn’t seem mushy… after rinsing they look stained…? now my floor drain is backed up, i’ve got a mesh screen on the drain too… lucky me!

i think it is fungus gnats causing the issue

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