Brown color on top buds

Hi folks newbie here my first grow with autos. Im about 12 weeks in from seed and I’m wondering if this is a natural function of the plant to start turning a bit brown??

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Totally normal. Pistals will turn brown. Do you have a scope to keep track of the trics?

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No I don’t ??

looking good, totally normal pistols will turn Amber and then recede inward to the bud. You look to still have a few weeks to go.

thanks really appreciate that, can’t be believe I have gotten them this far

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They look good. I have 1 that went into darkness yesterday, and two more almost ready. Starts to get tough to wait!

The hard part is the curing

I hear you! Makes me kinda glad that mine are maturing at different times. Spread out the scissor cramps!

4 - more weeks

good thx that was my next question

I would get a scope, or even a jewlel’s loup. Can find pretty cheap on Amazon.

So if I’m 4 weeks out should I scale light back 12/12 from 18/12 and start dropping the humidity?

18-6 bad math

Welcome. You can leave it at 18/6 through finish.

The buds will fatten up in the weeks to come. :+1:t3: