Brown calyxes or bug damage

Hi All, not sure what’s is with my plants. Definitely have had my fair share of pests this grow. But a few of the harder hit plants are having their calyexes turn brown. I found a seed on a plant so I. Yeah honk they got stressed and possibly Hermied.

Thanks fir any help

Have you seen any caterpillars? It just seems like their year.

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Looks like bugs to me. Watch that those dark spots dont grow. Bud rot is common this time of year.

Look for cabbage worms. Teenie tiny little axxholes. Check under leaves.

Lots of caterpillars and lots of these “greyish” spots. Haven’t seen any actual caterpilllars in awhile since I started spraying regular.

Do I need to get rid of all the bud touching the caterpillar damage areas?

Whole plant is like this

those damn caterpillars. i hate those buggers. lost 4 plants to them this summer.

Unfortunately that’s all garbage in my opinion. You could potentially cut all the rot out and wash the rest really well with h2o2 and make hash out of it. Just wouldnt be worth it to me. Bet you find critters inside

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I agree with budz. Looks like she got ate up pretty bad. I’d chop it before it gets worse and try and make some kind of hash from it.