Brown Bud?! Help!

Hey! Hoping someone can help!

I have just cut my first plant as trichomes appear ready. Noticted bud had gone brown :pensive: Light was slightly closer to the plant one day before cutting… is it burnt, or rotten, or is it spiders ?! :man_facepalming:

Sure looks like Bud Rot. Someone better informed will chime in shortly I am sure.

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It’s possible that the light could have burnt it some. It doesn’t really show as bud rot. Although it may be.

But these circled spots are concerning.

I’d closely inspect there too.


Do you see any webbing, cotton looking fuzz anywhere. Regardless cut that off and inspect inside the bud and surrounding areas… also is it just the tip of you see stuff elsewhere? How far along is she? Also some pics of the entire plant.


Here’s a close up of one of the circles areas

I dont see any webbing or fuzz but hopefully pics attached can give you a better insight. Its Purple Punch 10weeks old. It’s just the top bud, and one or two smaller spots below it

It’s close enough to harvest if not ready now to cut loses and take her down.

Wont let me upload short video but other side of the bud is green

I’m sorry I dont understand :see_no_evil:

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Your brain won’t comprehend the act of sawing it down and breaking her arms off one by one. LoL after months of hard work the act of massacre is hard to fathom? Gotta do it eventually mi amigo. But that what I meant. I threw 2 outside plants away last grow that got hit. Sucks but growing pains…

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Ah I actually wouldnt mind that as have other there that appear to be in good condition. Would be a sad day to see her go though.

Would just like to figure out what it is, and where I went wrong so I can learn from it

It’s rot man… @Covertgrower ? Yes…

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That’s what it looks like unfortunately.

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