Brown Brittle Leaves. Nutrient Excess or Deficiency?

I am getting mixed feedback on what the issue is with this plant and I am not sure which direction to go. It should have about 3 weeks before harvest. I started to notice browning, the leaves seem brittle and it’s getting worse each day. At last watering, the runoff was 884 ppm and 5.2 ph. All of my other plants look fine with runoff from 775-1120 and ph 5.9. Is this from too many nutrients? Ph being too low? Calcium deficiency?

Strain: White Widow CBD Autoflower by ILGM
Method: Soil (Fox Farm Ocean)
Vessels: 3 gal fabric pots
PH: Last watering was 6.5. Runoff was 5.2
PPM: 0 going in, 884 runoff
Light: Marshydro 1000. 14 inches above canopy
Temps: 72-74 day / 64-66 night
Humidity: 40-48
Ventilation system: Yes, 4 inch
Co2: No
Nutrients: GH FloraNova, CaliMagic
Water: Distilled Water

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Answer is in your post. 5.2 coming out is waaay to low. I’m going to assume soil, so I would try bumping the ph up to 7, run a few gallons through to flush. You need to flush about 3-4 times per grow

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I added dolomite lime also hoping that helps bring Ph up. Just also looks like a calcium deficiency. I will flush and water with ph up to 7 and hope that helps! Thank you.

One thing I’ve noticed with the white widow strain is they are calcium hungry and Easy to lock them out from absorbing it properly


I’m pretty sure that the dolomite lime brings the ph down