Brown/black Spots on lower leaves moving up the plant

First time grower - autoflowering tangerine dream grown outdoor in 7 gal fabric pot using 420 Bhang soil. Used minimal nutes during veg and plant was thriving. I water her everyday using about 0.5 gal (I live in NorCal and not watering daily causes plant drooping). When she Started transitioning to flowering I started adding a blend of Tiger Bloom Buds and Blooms and Fox Farms Big Bloom every 2-3 days.

Suddenly this week small black/brown dots appeared on lower leaves and started turning them yellow and killing them. Now small dots are moving upwards the plant and I’m worried it’ll kill the rest of my leaves. Flowering seems to have stalled as well.

This is bottom most leaves

Next node up:

Next node up:

Next node up: (I.e. highest up the plant)

Everything is OK above the top nodes, but at this rate I’m worried. One can see the trend of the spots maiming the leaves.

pH tested at 6.5 so that seems OK. Also they are not bugs of any kind. Was worried about septoria but there’s plenty of space between leaves, no rain, and low humidity (between 20 and 40%). Is this just nute lockout?? I haven’t really done any flushes at this point.

Pretty stumped at this point on how to save my girl! Advice much appreciated!

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I have no clue what the issue is but I saw no one had welcomed you yet or addressed your problem in 9 hrs so I thought I would tag someone who will either know or will know who to tag that will know

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Maybe he can help

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First thing jumping out to me is watering everyday. That’s a marijuana killer unless you’re using coco or something like it. Let your soil dry between waterings for healthy plants.

Also I don’t see anything about CalMag in your feed regimen?

Some of your outdoor posts you don’t see without at least a magnifier.


Awesome thanks for the comments!

Def not watering every day for the sake of watering every day. 80-90 degrees and if I don’t water every day by the mid/end of day 2 the plant starts drooping. And wasn’t sure if it was worse to water mid-day. Regardless watering every day has been fine up until flowering. That’s when the spots started hitting.

Will def try CalMag - a Calcium deficiency is def on my radar but I’m a rookie so didn’t want to over nute.

Should I be trying to flush before I apply CalMag or just go for it???

Can you get some shots of the whole plant posted? If you’re watering everyday because she needs it took may need to transplant to a larger pot. I was watering every other day during flower on a 4oz plant in 4 gallons.

As far as I know following brand directions you almost can’t over do CalMag. Lots of people use it every time they water without feed. Even if you just did every other your be better off than not.

Disclaimer… I know little to nothing about your soil.

Interesting one can’t overdo CalMag… great to know…

Will take pics of plant when I’m home later. For now, here is the soil I’m using:

Technical details found here:

Tech specs of soil didn’t translate well… here is a better view

Don’t run crazy with that statement! Everything can be over done. :rofl::rofl:


I just read again that your giving a half gallon in a 7 gallon pot. Stop that haha. Give her water till you get about 15% runoff every time. You may have some build up in your soil.

A good soak wet to dry cycle


Haha totally. Will just add the recommended dosage once a day.

Here are pics of my plant. Note I trimmed the dead yellow ones on the lower nodes as they pretty much just crumbled off.

The yellowing is a nitrogen deficiency and the brown spots most likely a calcium deficiency which they CalMag will help with. I noticed you do not mention giving FF Grow Big, which would explain the nitrogen deficiency. Grow Big should be used in flowering til like week 6.

Check out the FF feeding schedule


Epic chart!

So give nitrogen even in early flowering stage? I thought that would make plant revert back to veg mode.

On a similar note - is it too late to top my girl? Or should I never too given she’s an autoflowering? I saw in other posts it may not make sense to top an autoflower

Topping would have been done a long time ago. Usually 4th or 5th node for auto is the popular consensus.


Yep, nitrogen keeps the yellow away and should be used for first 5 weeks of flowering according to the feeding chart, though I said 6 weeks earlier.

Yeah too late to top now, that’s something you would do in veg, at least a couple/few weeks before they start flowering.

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looks like cal/mag deficiency to me

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this is a gorilla glue auto that i topped at 8th node


Nice looking

@bonger @Hellraiser just a quick follow-up, 100% calcium issue. CalMag def did the trick in reverting back to health. Thx again!!!

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Great to hear that you are back on track!

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