Brown and Wilted Tops

Tops only brown and wilted. Outdoor. Midwest U.S. Purple Kush. In ground with Happy Frog added as soil amendment. 12 weeks in ground. Plant has been healthy and beautiful until very recently. Photos below both of same plant. Forum members’ advice on an earlier problem with a different plant helped immensely (she is flowering nicely after surgery and peroxide treatment). So, here I am again. Thanks in advance.

Not sure what is going on but it looks to be fatal. Has it been exceptionally wet or is drainage bad? It looks to be root related (rot). Or, do you see any insect bore holes in the stems?


It looks a lot like damage happened to the stem. I’d follow it down the damaged top til you find the point where it’s broken, bruised, or bored into by a bug. It is probably bug damage because there look to be multiple tops affected.


Doesn’t look good. Without any other info almost looks like she’s drowned.

looks like a bug bored into the stem. I would not rule out a ground burring critter like a mole. It looked like there might be more then two. How are the other ones? Start spraying with bug juice.

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