Brown and curled up leaves

A question from a fellow grower:

Please help! My white widows that I ordered from you are getting brown curled up leaves!! They’re one month old. They’re growing so slow and I thought it was because they needed nutrients so I gave them some miracle grow all purpose plant food yesterday. I’m planning to put them into 5 gallon buckets in the next couple days. These are my first plants ever! Please help me!?!

They are white widow, I used miracle grow soil. The temp has been 73 day and night. The humidity is 60%. I used miracle grow all purpose plant food for the first time two days ago

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@hillcrest21678 @fnd @yoshi @garrigan62
My experience. Ask these ones. Ahah

For starters take the humidity Dome off right away

There not clones, and he said they were a month old.

Jim sorry @Paranorman.

I owe you …I’m very sorry… Some where I mad the wrong turn. I thought I was answering a different question. Talk about having a red face…lol

I will withdraw my post and thank you for not jumping all over me…


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Dude I do that all the time! I figured something up, ain’t no thing man and those plans look beautiful bro! :slight_smile: I wish you left those pictures up!

Thank you sir…:relaxed:

Well the here ya go.

Well there ya go…ask and you shall receive… Lol

B Safe


Hey Will how big are those pots?

Are those the Thai your breeding?

The pots are at qt size. They will be placrd into 4 gal buckets, very soon.
And yes these are the Wild Thai many clones of them for breeding. Going to be interesting for sure…lol


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