Brothers Grimm tester seeds

Anyone grown any of these out yet? I have several packs of Ocifer, z99, Mota Hari , Pineapple xx , Grim mintz.

I have two of the Ocifer outside in ten gallon bags and it’s showing itself to be mold resistant. C99 seems to be the perfect size for indoor.

I will be starting a Coco project soon and am trying to decide on these seeds.

Y’all have a great day


QCS sold C99 I helped a buddy grow outdoor, 6’ tall very sticky smelled like bubble gum. @Bunger64 got c99 indoors, but dunno if Grim…


Yes I have grown some of the testers from Brother’s Grimm actually had a double order of testers lol. Have grown Mota Hari, have the Ocifer still, they have grown great want to say last January or maybe around that time its on my page. Sorry so late crazy day. Ill look for ya tomorrow brother


Do you have the Cap Junky x Rosetta Stone? I got two of them mixed up don’t remember which tester pack they came from but one is bout three foot in a ten gallon bag outside and reeks like a garlic citrus funk, and the other one is kinda fruity smelling. Wish I knew which one the reeker was as it’s loud. Attracts grasshoppers from across the valley.