Bronze spots in between leaf veins

Does anyone know what this is?

Growing info:
40% Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
20% Rice hulls (Perlite substitute)
10% Humic Acid
10% Dolomite lime
10% Earth Worm Castings
10% Azomite

Soil ph 7.12 / Water between 6.2 - 6.5ph (Well Water)

This issue has been happening since she was a seedling. I transplanted her to a 3gal fabric pot to see if it helped. It has not. It started from the top of the plant and now it is affecting the lower growth.

Light - AC Infinity IonGrid outputting 200-300 umol

Temp and RH / 75-78F and 78% - 85%RH

Strain - Rainbow Road

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Run off TDS and PH? Medium and nutrients you’re using and frequency? :love_you_gesture:

Check the tops and bottoms of the leaves for pest :love_you_gesture:


I grow organic so I do not take the TDS and PH of the runoff because usually there is none lol. I top dress once every 2 weeks, and its Down to earth (4-4-4) and Earth Worm Castings.

The medium I use is in the post itself.

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Checked top and bottoms no sign of pests. This issue started at the seedling stage. thought it was a Mg def. transplanted into 3gal fabric pot with epsom salt in the hole and issue is still there. Starts at the top and now its appearing on the new growth in the middle.

PH is too high and may be causing a nutrient lockout. Top-dressing in more dolomitic lime ought to buffer the soil down to 6.5 or so. I notice you didn’t add Epsom Salts and may possibly be Mg hungry.

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Thank you. I will try to lower the ph of the soil, as for top dressing in more dolomite lime - it takes a long time for it to break down in the soil and be available to the plants. Also I believe dolomite lime buffers the ph to 7 to make it neutral. When this issue first appeared I thought it was Mg def. I did a foliar spray with a mix of water and epsom salt. Then when I transplanted into a 3gal fabric pot, I put epsom salt in the hole before putting the plant itself in the hole. I have another rainbow road that is growing fine with no issues. They were both started from Seed. Is it possible this Rainbow road Pheno is more Mg hungry then the other Rainbow Road that is growing fine?

Oh, absolutely; every plant is different.

interesting. So you think this is an Mg def. Final answer?

Looks like it. Could be due to the higher PH though.

Ok. I will mix in epsom salt with the next watering, and also try to lower the ph to an acceptable level. Thank you for your help.

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Happy to: good luck.

Happy to: good luck.

Hi i grow in organics i would check ph of ur soil i had this problem i had add sulphur to my soil to bring my ph down

you had this exact issue? was it a sulphur def. or a Magnesium def?. I checked my soil ph and it is 7.12. It does not seem that high. Could it still lock out certain nutrients? Do you grow only autos or have you done photos too?

Update: on 05/17/22 I top dressed her with 1 tsp of aluminum sulfate to lower the ph in the soil. (Yes I know to be careful with this organic substance). I also mixed 1/4 tsp of Epsom salt in the water and adjusted it to 6.02ph and watered her. I will take the soil ph later today to see where it is at.

Yah its to high u want ur soil ph around 6.5 if memory serves me correctly it was a magnesium and calcium def so i gave some cal/mag to my plant i only used the sulfur to bring down my ph of my soil