Broken stem, will it recover?

Broke a stem while trying to mainline. Wrapped it with plummers tape. Do you think it will recover? It almost broke halfway through.

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I think it was good chance to recover nice

Yea I hope so. I would’ve taken a pic to show the severity. But I wanted to wrap it up quick.

I have broken many stems; In fact, I do it on purpose occasionally. As long as you support the branch, it will form a strong knuckle, and you can expect some strong secondary kola growth. No worries :slight_smile:


Right on! I was so worried I dun lost my symmetrical manifold. It is going pretty good for a first attempt. I checked today and the new growth is still green on the broken stem. However, the other 3 stems seem to have grown a little bigger than the broken one. I think the plant is using more energy to try and repair itself. Hopefully she recovers in a few days, because I wouldn’t want to have a 8 headed beast with two gimpy colas.

Two days in the ICU and it’s nearly healed!


Yes, it should heal just fine.

Common “Duct” tape, the sticky part is made from a rubber like sap and is very similar to what plants need to plug and repair injuries and so I wrap breaks and splits with cheap duct tape, just an FYI.

And you are right, you might see some slight differences in the tops growing above the damaged area, but they might very well catch up and your canopy shouldn’t be very uneven.

When you use duct tape do you just leave it or do you try and remove it?

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I just keep an eye on it, the area should heal and knuckle up and get thicker, usually the tape will kind of stretch and fall off on its own, you don’t need to over do it when you wrap it, just enough to kind of have a moisture proof seal around the wound, and as the plant heals and grows it will kind of push the tape off if it isn’t over wrapped. If after about a week, to a couple weeks and it looks totally healed and anything looks like the tape is constricting anything, certainly remove it.

Sorry. I wrap damaged limbs in gauze. If it is real bad, I add some tea leaves to the wound inside the gauze, but most times the plant will heal itself, as long as you give the broken branch a bit of support.

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Thanks for the tips and tricks. I like the gauze suggestion. The plumbers tape seemed to work well as it has no adhesive and can be loosely wrapped. I guess because my plant is mature and strong, it has pretty much healed 3 days later. In fact the 3rd node has already sprouted up and is coming in nicely. I appreciate both of your experience.

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If you look at the new growth you can see one side is noticibly stunted. That is supposed to be my new main. I dunno if it will catch up with the rest.

Yes, usually if it is caught quickly and the break isn’t too bad it will heal in only a few short days. It will likely be slightly stunted, but how much at the end, only time will tell. After it re-vascularizes around the break and is supplying as much or more than it was to that top, it may still very well catch up. But live and learn, next time you’ll be that much better.

So Hey Guys 5 days ago I broke a stem / Branch and I am at the end of preflower. I taped it up instantly. I hear stories like this so for some reason I had tape near by. It is a major branch and a major break. Hanging on by millimeters of fiber, very close to amputation. It is producing like crazy so thats why I made the rescue attempt. So 5 days later and it’s seems like its holding on. I am really surprised. But leaves are turning yellow 1 at a time overnight. Any input. Here are a few pics. And by the way this is my first girl.

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I’m curious about this too. I can’t imagine trying to remove duct tape from a plant.
This thread has been so informative :blush: Our plant broke a stem a few weeks ago and we just cut it off :disappointed: Won’t have to do that again :wink:

I used electrical tape which doesn’t have as strong of an adhesive, so when the plant healed over a week or so, i was able to easily remove it. hope that helps.

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Need Help!
This happened today to my Big Lady…3 week into flowering (Pure Kush) One Plant (160cm/1m²)
So i fixed the main stem with duct tape and zip ties.
will she be healthy?

How did you split the main stem so far down? I’m not sure if it will be ok, however these plants are very resilient so you have a good chance that she will recover. Maybe you’ll stress the plant into making some awesome bud like how you farmers do go fruit trees when they want them to produce more fruit. Just make sure the zip ties aren’t digging into the stalk and I think you should be good. Good luck and keep us updated!

So…6 Days later. The Plant looking very healthy and OK. Some leaves turned yellow but that`s ok. I see no Damages on the Main Stem. Everything looking good here. She stoped producing flowers for 5 Days and now…Boom! She´s producing like crazy (2-3 cm per day) and she eats more (4L every 2 Days)

Here my Data:
One Plant (20 gallon pot) + 2 Clones (5 gal pot)
400w / 1m²
N-P-K 1-2-2
PH- 6.3
Temp. DAY 27-30°C / Night 24-27°C
Humidity 50-60%
sry 4 my english XD
Some little stems turned purple. She needs more food…

you supercropped it :slight_smile:

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