Broken stem, using masking tape? Help!


I have a minor pronlem, I hope! I was stretching some and a stem snapped but not too bad, it’s still attached. Any idea other than taping it that I can do to help it grown back together quicker. I really need to know if there’s something I can use to help it repair itself quicker. And wh as t is that neo oil, if I spelled it wrong, forgiv!


Honey is good binding agent. With a little support. Neem oil is an insecticide


@bruinsfan33 ty and for the quick response. It wasn’t hanging or anything. I just wraped it with a little mascing tape, should I still braise it and just use the tape and see what it does?


@Jamie1234 put some honey over where the break is use your tape or I have used cloth strips about a inch wide and wrap up the damaged area for support.
Good Luck with your grow


I feel your pain. I was doing a little Lst on my Gold Leaf and when I bent it over, it cracked. A little tape, some support from a pipe cleaner and I expect a full recovery.


I agree with yhe honey then tape thing :+1:


I broke a stem the other day with a few immature buds on it and tried to tape it. It didn’t hold, so I removed the stem completely, quick-dried the buds and smoked them. Problem solved, and the injured plant is doing fine.


My heart was broken once but fixed with honey and love from my wife


I did the same thing and didn’t even know it for a couple of weeks until I lollipop it. It was broke pretty bad, but had already scared and healed
No worries, still growing like a “weed” :call_me_hand:



We’ve all been there many times @Jamie1234


Broke stem last time & didnt find out about honey till later. Mine made a knuckle at break & healrd. Theyre Very Resilient!


Unless you break the main stem below all the nodes, the plant will either heal or just fill in the space with other branches. These babies are VERY resilient. I actually chopped of the top third of a mother plant and within two weeks it was all back thicker than ever.


@1BigFella, thank you!


I had question about the honey . I’m assuming it helps seal the wound . Does anyone know if clonex gel would work and would it be beneficial ? Also when grafting they use wax to help heal and seal . I could tag the Grafting Guru but I know he is busy this time of the year . :herb:


Hey @seeddog that is an awesome idea! I like it :laughing::wink:


Awwwwwwww :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


@Switchback next time try cloning the broken stem
When in flower you have a monster cropped clone
Hahahaha hou be amazed at the growth once they reroot and revert back to veg
Just a suggestion
It what i do when i have a misfortune


How do you clone a broken stem?


Same way you clone a cutting @Fairieswear8oots
I shave the stem lightly to get outter part off then dip in cloneing powder and place in soil some use bubble cloners as well