Broken stem in the middle of plant


HELP!! my cannabis plant stem broke in the middle. I used two toothpicks for a split and garbage bag ties. Will this work?


If the membrane and all is still in tact and you have not completely broken the branch of; It will develop a knuckle. This will also super crop the plant, sort of. This means you should see an increase in foliage.

How old is plant? I do this on purpose sometimes in flower.


The plant is in preflower. Not sure if the age as a friend gave me them. He cloned them in February and when he gave them to me they were probably a foot high. I’m growing them outside so they should be ready by October I’m assuming.


I put them outside in June


It broke but not completely but almost!


If the “skin” is intact, the top should recover. I wouldn’t try and splint it back up, as if it falls again, it may tear completely. Lay it over and rest upon another branch if possible, the top growing sideways will promote any budsites along it to grow up and form separate colas. Do some reading up on super cropping, topping, lst and other training techniques when you have time. Amazing how you can change the plant.


I can’t believe how well my plant is doing. I broke the stem right in the middle. I took two tooth picks and a garbage bag tie and a week later it’s still healthy looking. I’m going to wait another week before I remove the splint. Thank you all who had some input. I am a first timer and I’m so happy on how my plants are coming along and believe me i thought I killed them many times to my surprise they came back😀