Broken record but really struggling with temperature (pics included)

Hi all
I know I’m sounding like a broken record but I am really struggling to keep the temp down. The lights are 600w hps , I have set the controller to 24 Celsius but the temperature is around 31/32 Celsius. i have attached pics hoping to show how i have lights, filter, controller humidifiers and oscillating fans. My other issue is I am struggling to get the humidity above 25%. Your advice would be uh appreciated


From the pics it looks like you have four 600 watt lights runing… If that’s the case , right now your plants are small enough that they would be happy with just one of those lights running and then you could step it up to two later on when they get bigger… At some point thoe you will either have to invest in some cool tubes or air cooled reflector’s …because with four 600 watt open hoods like you have puts out to much heat… The only chance you would have is if you had a little mini split ac in there and I think you would still have heat issues and besides air cooled hoods or cool tubes are a cheaper investment then a mini split ac…


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you are running 4 lights 400-600w? so 1600-2400w that’s a lot of heat if you aren’t using cool tubes or vented shades you need ac at higher temps humidity is hard to raise and if fans are on controller they are pulling humid air out fast re space and turn off a light the temp will drop some if I am correct. the answer is then to get cool tubes or hoods or maybe run ac whichever you choose

Reading my mind again lmao :smile:

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Hi guys, I had them under 2 lights, but 1 side of the tent was cold and the other warm… I put them under 4 to balance out the temp in the tent because, the out take fan is blowing out cold air. I wondered if it was just taking air from the cold side of the room. I will put them back to 2 for now but even under 2 lights the temp is soaring to over 30 Celcius.

I will be investing in vented hoods asap. In the meantime can anyone tell me how long it should take from turning the controller on to reduce the temp from 30 Celcius to 25(ish) Ive been leaving it about 30 minutes

@Paranorman quite rude! Im just a new grower unsre of what im doing.

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You may also want to purchase another humidifier or 2 the one you have is small and not really designed work in a room that has exhaust fan pulling all the air out faster than in can put moisture in to the air


Thanks, i think youre right. ill be getting them tomorrow

How was I “rude”? I was factual. The reason I deleted it was because I didn’t want to be the one to tell you that it’s not going to work, so sorry if you thought the truth was rude ?


We can only offer suggestions if they are poorly received so be it other topics to move on to :wink: @Newbie2016 you were given both answers and solutions to your problem no amount of chatting will solve the issue get vented hoods or portable ac do what you wish but I have no more suggestions on this matter have a good day!


You should get a Ac unit if budget allows
I live in a area where winter temps are on average 20 degrees Fahrenheit and summer temps average 80 to 90 degrees I have both heat and cooling available so I can maintain desired temp and once air is cooler it will be easier for you to raise your humidity it tent


Looks like you’ve gotten some ideas from the guys here. I suggest, with so much wattage in a small tent, you start thinking of air-cooled hoods, AC, more exhaust fans, and more inlets. Just some ideas. Hope this helps.

Good luck, and happy growing :slight_smile:

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imagine the electricity bill running 4 600w hps… I would just stick to one light hang it right in the middle of. the tent and put yur plants under one light…

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I’m glad I don’t have them issues wowzers 4-600 hps …
I would sell all 4 and get a nice led heat issue solved … just my opinion … I’m glad I don’t have your electricity bill … wow I ran 1 600 hps with cool vent and 400 cfm fan and a humidifier my bill jumped 65 bucks in one month… sold it got 3 192 mars reflectors and my bill spiked 26 bucks a month with 3 leds no brainer. I wish you luck my friend.