Broken Plant Top

I broke the whole top off one of my plants, have it in water, what do I do with it? Do I wait until it forms roots, plant it in dirt right away?
Also about the dark times in the tent. It’s not totally dark in tent when the timer shuts the lights off. Red and green light on the electrical strips and also on the electrical heater, is that a big deal?

It’s not grwat, you cpuld cover those lights up with tape. Green light is fine, but you should cover up that red light or both of them if you want to. I would cover hothouse up just imo. I would say depending on how bad it was it could be held in place and it could heal itself.

A cutting at the top of the plant will not root. But you could stick it in a wool square, little rooting compound and starter solution. under 12 and 12 and it will flower. That method is also a great way for early sexing.

Wool square? Like regular wool material? The top was already flowering when it broke off, and it still looks good in the water I keep changing. I’m not sure what rooting compound is, what can I substitute ?

Rooting compound is any thing that will help root development. When I almost broke mine off completely, I used gauze to wrap around the plant and then help the gauze in place with a butterfly band-aid and then held it in place with a twist tie with a BBQ wooden skewer.

Honey possibly, clonex, general hydroponics makes a rooting agent.

I just googled it and made some with honey and some hydrogen peroxide, thanks for the suggestion.

Rock wool square. Good for cloning and germinate.

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I use any rooting compounds,even ones from home depot work just great for me

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Keep it in water until it sprouts roots. Then you can gently transplant it into soil.

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