Broken plant fell but still has buds

I moved 1 of my plants around and it fell on floor and broke at the bottom. Started flowering June 29th so it’s got buds on it but it’s slowly dying. Can I still save the buds even tho not quite ready to harvest. Hate for it to go to waste

Did it snap completely? You might be able to fix it and save it.

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Splint the break immediately! You could put a bit of honey in the break before you splint it, or not.
Consider this your 1st attempt at super-cropping!
You will be amazed at how resilient these plants are.
You may even find that this increases your yield. :sunglasses:

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Yes it broke enough. I did splint it but the leaves are slowly turning brown. Didn’t know about honey tho so next time (hopefully not) my others are doing fine so far. Just thought I could possibly flush them now and save the buds or is it a lost cause…

Give it some time, it may still heal itself.
The buds may be sucking what they need out of the leaves until they can get it from the stem again.
You are going to trim the leaves off at harvest anyway, let them go brown until you see if it heals or not.


Thanks again

Even if you did harvest the bud that’s there it would be very immature you would likely be just as unhappy with the buds harvested now as you would if the plant just dies. I’d try to save it, you’ll learn more.


How’s she looking today? Starting to heal, hopefully!