Broken plant, broken heart


Here she is, no worse for the split. About 8 weeks old now, starting 12/12 tonight!
Closet is total dark. Thinkin shes a she, what do you all think?



No pistils yet but you’ll know soon enough! Fingers crossed for you!


Looks like a girl. Put your light closer. The tighter the spacing the more formation the bud will have. You want the bud stick not the bud nuggets. Closer tiers equals solid bud.


8 weeks is the point i have usually goes 12/12 and every time pistils come out is 50 day mark.



How close?


12-18 inches from tops


Still trying to decide if a boy or a girl. This is 11 days into 12/12 schedule. Concerned she doesn’t drink much? Lowered the light to 12" from tops. Plant is 17" tall. Growing in miracle grow soil, so I haven’t fed much, afraid of burning. Cant decide what to feed now?


Sorry to say it looks like a boy to me


That is what i was thinking today…its not lookin good.:tired_face:


I zoomed in and am pretty sure those are a pair of balls :disappointed:


At least it’s the only one, since it was an accidental grow. So i dont have to worry about infecting the girls! Would have been nice! Hafta buy some seeds from here…


Hsrvest the pollen snd use to make seeds the next grow.


Please look at my new pics…,do you think its a boy too?


You can get people’s attention by putting a @ in front of there name @Jeansnbootsgal @Viktor7


Thanks! I thought I replied to his comment, thought it was there automatically!
Im thinkin its a hermy! It looks like its trying to bud. The balls are currently empty… I popped a few open and investigated. I’ll get another pic soon.


Those balls are male flowers they hold the pollen so they will seem empty until you get pollen every where a female will just have pistols which is the little hairs on the buds