Broken plant, broken heart


Help, in training my plant, i split it down the middle! Put it back together with a ziptie. What can i do? It is beginning to preflower…


Hey I see guys using super glue and works real well.

Some use surgical glue … but the normal super glue works fine.

Peach, she will live!


Been hearing around the forum that you can put a drop of honey on the wound. Helps with the whole process. There are many others that know much more than I on the subject lol


I have done that hundreds of times I just use electric tape and wrap it up good it will heal


Yes, honey and then tape it.
Electrical tape works well because it stretches and comes off “easy”.


I agree, honey and tape. The wire tie will eventually start to cut into stem.


I use zip ties and honey or aloe not glue


Manuka honey and grafting tape aloe works good too @Hogmaster


Worked for this guy :joy:


I will second the aloe.


Considering this is a total accidental grow, I have no idea what strain this is. Pretty sure it’s Indica though. I have green hands, can grow anything! So this is a challenge! And a test. I honeyed (is that a word?) the wound and taped it, we’ll see what happens! Male? Female? I think female…I will soon know. Here’s a pic of the repair.


Sorry cant like that. but I feel you. Keep the mold out of it.

Leggy like a sativa leaves like indica. Interesting. More light?


Just got a new 450w one today. Was using just generic grow lights from wally world. I figure that’s why it’s leggy. Just transplanted today due to folding leaf edges, cured that! No mold at all. Tying it back down is when I broke it. Probably topped it too soon, but it’s just a test anyway. More knowledge for next time!
Thanks for all the input my “friends in growland!”


You can step on it and it will live🥺. As long as you didn’t disturb the roots.
Be joyful!!
It’s a weed!!:thinking::kissing::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Is that a clone of a large bush?


I dunno, its just a seed that I deposited in a spider plant. 3 days later there she was!


Ok i just thought she looked like she came from a full grown branch off a 22 ft monster


I know, that’s what I keep sayin!


Abuse make them tuff. Tuff love makes fat ladies. That way you can’t beat them up anymore. Lmao :joy:


Just tape it and no chemicals.