Broken PH tester plants need water


My PH tester broke. I will need about two more days until the new one arrives. My plants are dry. Last watered four days ago. What should I do? Wait for the new tester or what? The plants are 22 days old and I am going to transplant soon. Maybe just wait two more days and transplant with good ph water. I hope the plants will be ok after 7 or 8 days without water?


How high is the water normally ph wise ?
I would give them a light watering that would be better then starving them of water
But only if the ph is not that far out of range @Bluto


My well water is acidic about 5.8. I add ph up.


I know when i ph my water i use up as well
I aould go ahead and water then lightly just to give them something to work with until the new meter shows up
Then tou can ph normal and water threw
You be fine with one watering at that ph level but just make sure you correct ph next time


Bummer dude


It happens @Growit i keep a back up metera cheaper one than my everyday but you never know right
I also can replace my probes so i have a few of those on hamd for that oh crap moment lol


Yea just thinkin about that I have a great reliable blue lab pH probe so I do not think I have to worry but now thinking that a back up would be good to have in the ol growers tool box


Hope you figure this out
Sucks dude
Keep us posted happy growing @bluto


Thanks everybody. I think I can add a drop or two of PH up to some water and use that for a light watering.


10-4 brother Heres the one i use bro @Growit

@Bluto if you know about how much you use normally you can probably eyeball it pretty close
I actually use a syringe to messure mine and know exactly hiw many ml it take to get me in range may be a good idea to get a base reading for future


Its water and weeds dont overthink this