Broken limb lady

Please help! I was in my grow room rearranging the ladies & leaned the wrong way and I snapped the top of one that had gotten caught on my shirt. It didn’t snap completely off but shes leaning pretty bad. I used a twist tie& a straw for support to stand her back upright but I don’t know if its a good thing to do. Please give me

some insight so I can save her!:sob:

If you have some duct tape, tape it around the wound, then try to try the plant upright so the wound is sealed shut, it should make it, I’ve had one hang on by just a thread heal up. If you can make a splint for it, even better.

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Dont stress we have all done this at one time or another. The plant will go into shock for a couple of days and the top half may wilt a little but you still have internal connections happening so it will pick up again. Dont be surprised if the stem near the break grows a large lump , it is just scar tissue and nothing to cause concern… a light feeding of fish emulsion and some superthrive will do wonders.

Thanks for answering so quickly! I’ll get tape later. So this straw splint is ok for now? Can I secure one of the leaves around it as a bandage? @Aolelon

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@mountainman1 how do I use the fish emulsion & superthrive? Is it something I can brush on the break?

I wouldn’t secure a leaf around it. You can apply some honey to the wound to help it heal faster. But the straw splint, provided its strong enough to hold it up, should do the trick.


Thank u! I do have honey! How do I apply it so I do it correctly? I don’t want to cause myself any more issues.

the fish emulsion and superthrive are mixed in water and given to the plant as a tonic to help combat stress.

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Ok. Thank u. I’ll be sure to grab some of that

Just spread it around the outside of the break and it should be fine, if it tore a bit I wouldn’t worry about trying to get it on the inside of the wound, as it might cause more damage now.

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She will be fine
I snap mine like that intentionally and some times have gone too far
I always keep some clear scotch tape handy like the kind you gift wrap with and now I also keep some grafting wax handy as well
Honey is great but can attract bugs just use very little

Hey guys I broke another one but this time I actually made a mistake and cut it while I was pruning… What should I do for this one?

Then another thing… My plant is budding but the bottom leaves are turning brown. I cut off ALOT,Uploading… but I need further advice on what I need to do