Broken branches

Hey guys so there was an incident earlier that cause my fan fro mthe top of my tent to fall on my plants, It broke off about 4 branches from the middle to the bottom of my plant, It literally all snapped. I just removed them will the plant be fine after this? Currently in flowering week 6 autoflower.
Sorry no pics as i tried cleaning everything up quickly thanks

Should be fine.
Next time unless they broke completely off you can tape them up and support them and they will heal and grow. I’ve got about 5 or so limbs right now that I had to tape up on various plants I have going and all of those limbs are doing fine.
The plant will heal itself given the chance and be stronger for it.


Yeah they basically broke of just barely hanging on. I thought they wouldn’t make it. Now I kinda feel bad. Maybe I should’ve tried. it literally snapped

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Just snapped a main top today myself. Hope I can get the duct tape off later.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v: