Broken branch in 5 week off flowering what to do now tho

I have b broken a branch off of my plant in the 6th week of flowering should I panic or is there anything I can give with organic help to maintain the plants health


The plant will be fine , might wanna use string or something to tie her up for support.


I’m with @Nug-bug plant will be fine don’t panic haha
you could also place a little honey on the split to help it heal
Tiring the branch will help with the wieght of the buds
Did branch break totally off of just split?


They are great healers, I split mine straight through the middle but fixed her with honey, electrical tap and finally cotton, how bad is it? Do you have pictures,take a look at mine it will show you what I did
Goldy a gold leaf tale


Thanks for the heads up folks, I’m still trying to get with this site it’s a bit confusing I will master it :wink: thanks again for replying people.

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@ nuggets bug cheers.

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It will be fine if anything that plant will get better buds as you have stressed it out something I’ve only just learnt tooo


When this happens get some honey, string, tape and a stick to hold it in place.
Were it’s broken place a little honey on that the break and hold it closed and rape it with the string then tape the string tite and use the stick to help hold the branch. In 8 to 10 days the broken branch should be healed
Honey works wonders.


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Nice to know

Thank you for your help much appreciated.