Broke stem while manifolding/mainlining

Growing in FFOF under 600w Vipraspectre LEDs. I waited until 6 nodes then clipped just above the 3rd and stripped everything below leaving just the 2 new tops and fan leaves. Well one of the new tops broke off completely when i tried tying it down with lst in a place i can’t tape it up, How can i salvage this? Thanks

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Pictures speak volumes. :wink: if you can.
But some honey or aloe on the break and tie / prop it back up. @ShaggySparx.


Correct. Honey and support.

Sounds like a very young plant.


If it’s broken off completely then stick it in rooting powder and just clone it. Trying to tape it back up top will prove difficult


Yep, clone it. Best option.

Tried the honey but only saw your posts a few hours after it happened so too late to reattach it. Cloning would’ve been an option if i had the space for it but I already got 4 plants established and no extra tents…yet lol.

I read that if this happens it just makes one leading stem again so i just top that one to make 2 or should i FIM to make 4? Or should i just let it go and just LST? Plant is only about 5 inches at the topped cola so about 7 inches with that new cola.

My tent is 31in x 31 in x 71 in so 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft x 5.9 ft. I haven’t determined how far these lights can be from the canopy and incidentally don’t know how tall they can get without light burn. right now i have them at about 18 inches

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That stem will just take over and carry on. Your plant will have an odd looking dog leg in it but it should be fine. I wouldn’t do any more cutting just now though. I would let her recover and move your trimming plans up to the next node. LST should be fine, just be gentle as she’s vulnerable right now. I’ve done 3 full grows so not an expert by any means, not compared to a lot of the peeps on here any way. But if they were mines that’s what I would do. I would still clone it though as it’s good practice and I enjoy doing it :sunglasses:. Not sure on the lighting bit. I think with LEDs the distance is more for a better footprint and less about burn @dbrn32 is the best one to speak to about lighting. Good luck with your grow :sunglasses:

18" is good, shoot for that.

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