Broke off a main cola

A question from a fellow grower:

accidentally broke off a main cola on a sour deisel. it is about a month before harvest… outdoors. have it soaking in a solution. is it a lost cause or is it possible to graft it back on the mother plant. if so, how? peace

Grafting expectations are very low, even with someone with experience; not to mention the stress you would be introducing while in flower. You’re better off fixing the break with a clean cut and throwing it in water to root.

It probably won’t fill out much more, but has a better changes of survival. Check out cloning techniques on this.

If it broke off completely; I would try to root it. take a 1 gallon pot and put seed starting mix in it. Get some rooting hormone, and trim stem as you would a clone. cover with rooting powder and stick it into the pot. Water in and do not over water after that. Try to keep medium moist.

If I read your post correctly, you stated this plant was a month old…It can be rooted. Good Luck. Now you may end up with an extra plant.

Trying to graft it or re-attach it to plant…Forget about it! :slight_smile:

OOOOoooooooops! You stated a month before harvest. Just let it go.

Maybe some other member can use my above advice in the future. :slight_smile: Sorry

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